Live exam excitement for high candidates starts tomorrow

Live Exam Excitement for YKS Candidates Begins Tomorrow

Candidates prepared for the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) by the General Directorate of Secondary Education of the Ministry of National Education will be able to attend the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) and Field Proficiency Test (AYT) sessions, which will be held live starting tomorrow. 12th grader [more…]

High Purity Antibody Against Covid
06 Ankara

High Purity Antibody Against Covid-19

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that immune plasma with high antibody levels is produced from recovered patients and used in the treatment of Covid-19, and said, “With TÜBİTAK MAM, a start-up company has produced a product containing high-purity antibodies. [more…]

breeze intersection opened to traffic
07 Antalya

Meltem Junction Opened to Traffic

The underpass of the bridge junction on Dumlupınar Boulevard, which was put into service in March as part of the 3rd Stage Rail System Project by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, was also opened to traffic. Meltem to provide the transition between Akdeniz University and Meltem [more…]

disinfected in subways and stations on the island
01 Adana

Disinfection Work Performed in Adana Metro

Adana Metropolitan Municipality carried out disinfection and cleaning works in the day care center and underground and metro stations. Kindergartens, kindergartens and day nurseries, which are closed within the scope of combating coronavirus, with the transition to a new normalization period [more…]

ibb embraces horses on the islands
34 Istanbul

IMM Adopts Horses in Islands

İBB started to adopt the 177 horses it bought from the phaeton tradesmen in the Islands. The horses, which were looked after by 55 personnel in Büyükada, started to be safely transported to their new places. İBB President İmamoğlu shared the good news with images from social media. [more…]

Cash fee support payments for May are starting today
06 Ankara

Cash Fee Support Payments for May Begin Today

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that May Payment of Cash Payments started today. Explaining that the payments have started to be deposited into the accounts from today, Minister Selçuk said that the fight against coronavirus [more…]

total mineral oils at euromaster
34 Istanbul

TOTAL Mineral Oils at Euromaster

The world's largest energy companies with a total of Turkey Turkey Marketing subsidiary Total Michelin tires and vehicle maintenance professional service Euromaster Group joined forces. The Euromaster scope of cooperation in Turkey's 46 provinces [more…]

kocaelispor wins at the akcaray stops
41 Kocaeli

Kocaelispor Wins at Akçaray Stops

Kocaeli Kocaşehir Municipality has taken the tramway to green black for Kocaelispor, who counted the days to declare his championship by going to the matches that remained on July 18 after the break to the leagues due to the coronavirus epidemic. Before the matches start [more…]

who is piri reis

Who is Piri Reis?

Piri Reis (Ottoman Turkish: 1465/70, / Gallipoli – 1554, Cairo), Ottoman Turkish sailor and cartographer. His real name is Muhyiddin Piri Bey. His identity card is Ahmet ibn-i al-Hac Mehmet El Karamani. World maps showing America [more…]

tccd camping fees

2020 TCCD Camp Fees

TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Employees (civil servants-contracted personnel-workers) to the Training and Recreation Facilities, filling the “TCDD STAFF TRAINING AND RESTING FACILITIES FORM” (ANNEX-1) with a copy and complete workplace [more…]

tcdd camp applications started
06 Ankara

2020 TCDD Camp Applications Started

TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Employees (civil servants-contracted personnel-workers) to the Training and Recreation Facilities, filling the “TCDD STAFF TRAINING AND RESTING FACILITIES FORM” (ANNEX-1) with a copy and complete workplace [more…]

Who is abdurrahim karakoc

Who is Abdürrahim Karakoç?

Abdürrahim Karakoç (April 7, 1932, Kahramanmaraş – June 7, 2012, Ankara), Turkish poet, journalist. He was born in Ekinözü, Kahramanmaraş, in April 1932. He was younger because his grandfather, father and brothers were also poets. [more…]

Who is cahit Zarifoglu

Who is Cahit Zarifoğlu?

Abdurrahman Cahit Zarifoğlu (July 1, 1940, Ankara – June 7, 1987, Istanbul) Turkish poet and writer. He spent his childhood in Siverek, Maraş and Ankara. He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, German Language and Literature. His poems were published in Diriliş magazine. Arvasis, Sayyid [more…]

thk guiness entered the book of records

THK Enters Guiness Book of Records

Organized by the Turkish Aeronautical Association on OCTOBER 9, 2004 in the İnönü district of Eskişehir, the '3. THK parachutist who jumped with the biggest flag ever opened in the sky with 433.5 square meters at the Turkish Air Games [more…]