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  1. I've been working on ships (on the seas) since 2013 (2tl) (3000 days) and I didn't pay my salary because of not getting a salary from the sunny ship. 86 and 3000 92 (45-2) because I paid early in the year because of the maritime (blue marmara) from the cruise ship and the lack of lime because of the lack of work due to the lack of. 2014 month I served on the route of arabia and jordan.tramola2015 I worked in the roro and beykoz fuel bar. I worked as an alternator in the sea and maritime vessels of the sea (gimak maritime) and I served between the 6-2 ships. I had to leave because of the issues I've mentioned before. I'm starting to work with respect. I would like to make sure that the transactions are done.gempo member number: 5 and tlf.