Cash Fee Support Payments for May Begin Today

Cash fee support payments for May are starting today
Cash fee support payments for May are starting today

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that May Payment of Cash Payments started today.

Explaining that the payments started to be deposited in the accounts from today, Minister Selçuk reminded that the payments were made through bank accounts during the coronavirus fight process. In the system, those who are missing or incorrect IBAN information are paid through PTT.

“Payments for May will be made between 8-10 June”

Minister Selçuk said, “After 15 March 2020, workers who have been terminated but have not been entitled to unemployment benefits, are being paid cash support today. In line with the measures we have taken to prevent density; The last digit of the TR identity numbers of our workers, who are paid for unpaid leave by employers and who cannot benefit from short-time work allowance, is; We will make payments to those who are 0, 2 and 4 on June 9 and those who are 6 and 8 on June 10. ” used expressions.


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