The beach season in Istanbul opens in June
34 Istanbul

Beach Season in Istanbul Opens on June 15

IMM beaches are opening on June 19 this year as part of Covid-15 measures. Istanbul residents will be able to enjoy the sea, sand and sun at Caddebostan, Güneş and Menekşe Beaches, which offer their guests a daily holiday during the summer. This year, by IMM affiliate BELTUR [more…]

Last tsuos before lgs and yks exam

Latest Tips Before LGS and YKS Exam

One week to LGS and two weeks to YKS. So what should candidates do on the last level? Is the course studied until the last day? Is there any advice from around? Does insomnia decrease exam success? Experts told their tips about the last week. [more…]

Egodan military student access to candidates to take the exam
06 Ankara

EGO Access to Candidates to Take the Military Student Exam

Due to the National Defense University Military Student Candidate Determination Exam, the EGO General Directorate has completed all the preparations so that the students do not experience problems in transportation before the exam in the morning. In this context, in regions serving the districts and addresses where the exams will be held, [more…]

lala sahin pasa koprı bridge opened to traffic
16 Bursa

Lala Şahin Pasha Bridge Opened To Traffic

The 3rd bridge on the Kirmasti Stream, built by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and which will breathe the traffic of the district due to its alternative route, was opened to traffic with a ceremony. During the pandemic process, most of its energy is allocated to the fight against corona virus and social assistance [more…]

Akcaray goes to summer schedule
41 Kocaeli

Akçaray Switches to Summer Tariff

TransportationPark, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, announced that Akçaray will be updated on 15 June and switch to the summer schedule. With the transition to the new normalization process and the arrival of the summer season, Akçaray flights become more frequent and make passengers healthy, spacious and [more…]

ekintas shipping
Guest Post

İzmit Elevator Ekintaş Transport

Kocaeli is the only institution that will support you among home-to-home shipping companies and will offer you all the experience it has gained over the years, for its seamlessness, Ekintaş Transportation continues its activities throughout Izmit with its teams and future-oriented vision. [more…]

mascemics are now paid
35 Izmir

Maskematics will serve for Wage

Maskematics, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has put into service in order to facilitate the access of the public to the mask during the pandemic process, and has distributed nearly 5 million masks free of charge so far, will serve for a fee from next week. The regulation to be made within the scope of the normalization process [more…]

inquiry of agricultural bank loan application

Ziraat Bank Loan Application Inquiry

Ziraat Bank's 6-month non-refundable basic needs support loan application continues. In order to minimize the negative effects of the measures taken especially in the coronavirus epidemic in the field of economy, critical loans were provided by three public banks. [more…]

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