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The Annunciation of Raybüs to Batman

The campaigns of Batmansonsöz newspaper started to give positive results in order to transform the safe and cheap railway line, which has been used actively on the Batman-Diyarbakır railway for the last 2 years, into a rail system. [more…]

hs railway project protested in england
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HS2 Railway Project Protested in England

The HS2028 high-speed train initiative, the first phase of which is planned to be completed between 2031 and 2 in England, attracted the reaction of environmentalists. listen to online radio A group of protesters gathered near the railway line [more…]

egiad slovenia cooperation
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EGİAD Cooperation in Slovenia

Providing commercial information and market research opportunities to exporter member companies and within this scope, organizing commercial delegation programs abroad at various intervals EGİAD, export after covid-19 [more…]