Fuel Support for Private Public Transport Vehicle Operators in Ankara

Fuel support to private public transport operators in Ankara
Fuel support to private public transport operators in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality provides fuel support to private public transport operators who suffer economically in the coronavirus process. In line with the decision made by Mayor Yavaş and made in the Metropolitan Municipality Council, fuel support payments were started to be made to 2 thousand 850 minibus owners. Ankara Police Department Head Mustafa Koç announced that the supports will continue.

Providing support to many tradesmen from every occupation and age group in the process of combating the coronavirus outbreak, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started to provide fuel support to private public transport operators carrying the transportation burden of Başkent.

The first payments were made within the scope of the decision made by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş and taken in the Metropolitan Municipality Council.


Visiting Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç, President of Ankara Minibuses Shopkeepers Huseyin Sertkaya stated that the first payments of fuel support were deposited in the bank accounts of 2 thousand 850 minibuses, and thanked Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş with the following words:

“We would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Mansur Yavaş for giving food and cash to our shopkeepers. We wish success to our president and we want to state that we will always be with you. ”

Emphasizing that food and cash aid as well as free disinfection service has been provided to the tradesmen from the first day of the fight against the epidemic, upon the instructions of President Yavaş, Mustafa Koç announced that they will continue to support the driver's shopkeepers:

“Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which provides disinfection support for the vehicles of the tradesmen in the transportation sector, also provided food parcels and cash support to our tradesmen who suffered damage when the passenger transportation limit was brought. This month, we made the first payment of fuel support. Fuel support is paid to district minibuses, private public buses and private public transportation vehicles in various amounts, as prescribed by the city council decision. ”



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