Free Support for Employees for the Coronavirus Process

Free support for employees for the coronavirus process
Free support for employees for the coronavirus process

The Great Place To Work Institute has started to provide companies with free employee survey support. Aiming to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 process on employees, the Institute offers support in employee health, flexible work and coordination.

The Covid-19 epidemic, which threatened public health, affected employees and the economy. Companies are looking for ways to ensure continuity in workflows and communication between employees, as well as reduce anxiety and bring confidence to the fore. According to Prime Marketing's Covid19 Report, the outbreak worries “quite a lot” of 68 percent of the business community. On the other hand, 27 percent are "partially concerned" about the effects of the epidemic. The report, the measures taken around the world to find effective rate is shown as 9 percent, while the rate of people who have taken effective measures by 2 percent in Turkey, the report said.

The goal is to reduce the negative effects of the coronavirus process on employees.

Great Place to Work® Turkey General Manager Eyüp soil, "We are passing through a period fraught with uncertainty. Nowadays, when we feel the feelings of anxiety, helplessness and fear, we need trust, motivation and uninterrupted communication more than ever. We must understand each other and be discreet. With our free analysis, open to all sectors, we aim to support employees and managers in this sensitive period, prevent risk factors that may occur in the workflow and gain new perspectives. ” found in the description.

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