historic railway tunnel registered
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Historical Railway Tunnel Registered

Our tunnel, which is about 225 meters long, is under protection with the decision of the Regional Board of the Preservation of Adana Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism published in the Official Gazette dated 04.06.2020. [more…]

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Providing Data Security with WeePos!

When it comes to payment, the first thing that everyone considers is security. Weepay does not neglect to clarify these issues. As a result, it manages to stand out with data security. Initially, individual and corporate customers [more…]

Who is Ayten Alpman

Who is Ayten Alpman?

Ayten Alpman (10 October 1929, Istanbul – 20 April 2012, Istanbul), Turkish pop music and jazz artist. He is known for his song "My Hometown". She completed her primary education at Nişantaşı Girls' High School and Erenköy Girls' High School. [more…]

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Window to the Sky: THK Museum

The Turkish Aeronautical Association Museum was opened on 19 May 2002 with a magnificent ceremony to transfer the history of Turkish aviation to future generations. The museum received from the Ministry of Culture on December 2, 2000, next to the historical parachute tower for the construction and repair works of the museum. [more…]