Meltem Junction Opened to Traffic

breeze intersection opened to traffic
breeze intersection opened to traffic

The underpass of the bridge junction on Dumlupınar Boulevard, which was put into service in March as part of the 3rd Stage Rail System Project by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, was also opened to traffic. Meltem Junction, which will provide the transition between Akdeniz University and Meltem, will bring relief to the city traffic.

Works continue in the 3rd Stage Rail System Project of the Metropolitan Municipality, which will connect Varsak to the city center with the Otogar, Antalya Training and Research Hospital. After the upper pass of the multi-storey junction on Dumlupınar Boulevard was put into service, the lower pass at the university entrance of the junction was arranged as a junction and opened to traffic.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Chief Advisor. Cem Oğuz noted that the Meltem Junction, which came into service, would provide a significant relief in urban transportation, said, “Dumlupınar Boulevard moves through the bridged junction and the rail system turns into the Meltem Mahallesi under the bridged junction. Meltem Junction, located under the bridge junction and in front of the university gate, is important for vehicles with rubber wheels. Hürriyet Caddesi will serve as an intersection that will ease the traffic on Antalyaspor Junction and subsequent Atatürk Boulevard. Landscape works continue around the intersection. ”


Dr. Cem Oğuz stated that the temporary U-turns at the Antalyaspor Junction will also be removed. It was pretty dangerous. The turns at the Antalyaspor Junction, which was opened temporarily with the introduction of the Meltem Junction, will also be lifted. ”


Underlining that the intersection is also very important for Akdeniz University, Oğuz said, “The university has 70 thousand students and approximately 10 thousand employees. A total of 80 thousand people log in daily from the Meltem entrance of the university. This intersection is also important for moving such a crowded crowd in the morning, noon and evening peak times. We think it will make a great contribution to the main roads in the city center. ”

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