mesot is disinfected
33 Mersin

MEŞOT is Disinfected

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its disinfection efforts throughout the city against the coronavirus that spreads all over the world. Metropolitan teams are at Mersin Intercity Bus Terminal in the last days of intercity travel due to the coronavirus epidemic. [more…]

social distance adjustment in public transportation in kayser
38 Kayseri

Social Distance to Public Transportation in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality also made arrangements in public transportation for the social distance that must be followed at every moment of life due to the threat of coronavirus. Accordingly, intermittent seating system was introduced in the rail system and buses. coronavirus [more…]

sakarya nostalgic tram tender was placed on the coronavirus
54 Sakarya

Sakarya Nostalgic Tram Tender Placed on Coronavirus

Sakarya Nostalgic Tram Tender Placed on the Coronavirus; The tender for the construction of the tram line to be built between the New Mosque and the National Garden in Sakarya has been postponed to a later date within the scope of coronavirus measures. By Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]