Islands visit from iett administrators
34 Istanbul

Visiting Islands from IETT Managers

Before the electric vehicles started to work, a delegation of IETT General Manager, Deputy General Managers and Heads of Departments made investigations in the Islands and met with the authorities. 14 for 40 people, 4 for 20 people [more…]

TULAŞ Publishes 60 Bus Driver Candidate List
61 Trabzon

TULAŞ Publishes 60 Bus Driver Candidate List

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality has determined the valid ones for the 60 new bus drivers to be received from the applications made online between 5-12 June. According to the list published by the Metropolitan Municipality, the applications of 493 candidates were accepted. [more…]

New Overpass is Being Made in Edirnekapı
34 Istanbul

New Overpass is Built in Edirnekapı

Edirnekapı Station Overpass, located on the Metrobus line, is being renewed because it cannot meet the density and is not suitable for the disabled. The construction of the new overpass, which has started, is planned to be completed in October. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Science Affairs [more…]

Sakarya correct address for yamac parasutu
54 Sakarya

Sakarya Correct Address for Paragliding

President Ekrem Yüce, who participated in the opening events of the 2020 paragliding season and made the first flight, said, “We opened the 2020 paragliding season. I wish you a good season. All those who will make this challenging sport [more…]

islands district governorship also wanted electric vehicle
34 Istanbul

Adalar District Governorate Also Wanted Electric Vehicle

Adalar District Governorate, which postponed the commissioning of the electric vehicles introduced by IMM on the grounds that they will serve on the highways, decided to switch to an alternative non-motorized transportation vehicle in the district in February. IMM President in the Islands Ekrem İmamoğlu [more…]

nowadays sohbet environment

Nowadays Sohbet Environment

Technological developments, of course, offer convenience with its use. One of them is that it also has an opportunity for friendship. In order to avoid drowning in a virtual environment, we carry the conversation, which is our human feature, to this world. Sohbet siteleri [more…]

poster design contest opens

4th Poster Design Competition Exhibition Opens

The awards of the “Young Art: 4th Poster Design Competition” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism find their owners. Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the occasion of the "100th Anniversary of the Opening of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey", "Young Art: 4th [more…]

meat mining enterprises will make continuous labor purchases

ETİ Mining Enterprises Will Recruit 43 Continuous Workers

The Procedure to be Applied in Recruitment of Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations, in order to employ a total of 43 permanent workers, whose characteristics are specified in the table below, to the Bigadiç Boron Operations Directorate (Bigadiç/BALIKESİR) of the General Directorate of ETİ MMaden Enterprises. [more…]

countdown for domestic car started

Countdown Starts for Domestic Cars

Explaining the latest developments about the "Turkey's Automobile Project", Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank informed that the foundations of the factory will be laid soon, and plans will be made regarding the brand and marketing. Varank, the domestic car [more…]