Live Exam Excitement for YKS Candidates Begins Tomorrow

Live exam excitement for high candidates starts tomorrow
Live exam excitement for high candidates starts tomorrow

Candidates prepared for the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) by the Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Secondary Education will be able to attend the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) and Field Proficiency Test (AYT) sessions that will be held live from tomorrow.

The TYT and AYT practice exams, which will provide 12th grade university candidates with the opportunity to complete their pre-YKS deficiencies on 27-28 June, will be held online through EBA Academic Support, which is managed by the General Directorate of Secondary Education.

In this context, the candidates will take the TYT trial exam from 9:07.30 on Tuesday, June 10 to 23.59 on Wednesday, June 11; AYT will be able to start the trial exam on Thursday, June 07.30 at any time from 12 until Friday, June 23.59 at XNUMX.

Candidates will be given 125 minutes for 165 questions in the TYT practice exam and 166 minutes for 180 questions for the AYT practice exam.

It is important that candidates do not use resources

Candidates who attend the online practice exam will be able to see only their own rank and deficiencies, not the success of other candidates.

Candidates must complete their exams in a single session, without looking at any sources, without communicating with anyone. Students who comply with these rules will have the opportunity to evaluate their current situation before YKS more effectively.

EBA Academic Support creates personalized missing lists with the analysis made by students on the answers given to the questions in the exam.

Thanks to the lectures and question and solution videos in these lists, students will have the opportunity to effectively evaluate their remaining time by completing their deficiencies until the exam date.

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