first prize for suvu kia sorento
82 Korea (South)

Firsts SUV Design Award to KIA Sorento

Sorento, one of the leading models of KIA, which has a significant SUV heritage in Turkey, was selected by Auto Bild Allrad magazine, one of the respected publications of the automotive world, with its fourth generation introduced in March 2020. [more…]

dhmi kik meeting was held
06 Ankara

DHMI KIK Meeting Was Held

DHMİ 2020/1 GCC Meeting was held delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Institution Administrative Board meeting numbered 19.06.2020-2020, held between DHMI General Directorate and Transport Officer-Sen on 1 [more…]

the game sector's heart will beat in Izmir
35 Izmir

The Heart Of The Game Industry Will Beat In Izmir

Turkey's most comprehensive game entrepreneurship competition "Next Game Startup" will be held in Izmir. Speaking at the online press conference of the competition, which will enable successful entrepreneurs to expand from Turkey to the world, Mayor Soyer said, "From Izmir [more…]