our national brand electromagnetic ball

Our National Brand Electromagnetic Ball ŞAHİ-209

ŞAHİ-209 was produced by our company Yetenektoloji established in OSTİM to produce original designs and national solutions in electromagnetic launch systems technology. The name of ŞAHİ-209, which was the most effective weapon used by Fatih to demolish the walls of Istanbul during the siege of Istanbul, opened the era. [more…]

Autonomous vehicle period begins in
86 China

Autonomous Vehicle Period Begins in China

Didi Chuxing (DiDi), one of the leading vehicle service companies in China, started trials of autonomous / driverless vehicle service on the route determined in Shanghai on Saturday, June 27th. Users who have registered through the DiDi application beforehand, have access to the 53,6 kilometer designated area in the city's Jiading area [more…]

Boztepe touch the clouds to the final in the project
52 Army

Towards the Finals in Boztepe Touch the Clouds Project

Tourism investments continue in Ordu, which has become the rising star of the Black Sea with its sea, green nature and rich historical texture. With the completion of the 'Touch the Clouds Project' put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality in Boztepe, 530 altitude, which is the observation terrace of the city, the asphalt works were also [more…]

the main entrance way of konya city hospital is completed
42 Konya

Konya City Hospital Main Entry Road Completed

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has completed the main entrance road of Konya City Hospital, which is considered as the day of its opening. Büyükşehir made an additional side road separated by a 1 kilometer long median to Adana Road, where the 10 meter wide vehicle road and pedestrian and [more…]

ergene basin comes to life with domestic mole
22 Edirne

Ergene Basin Comes to Life with Local Mole

A critical phase has been passed in the conservation project, which will revive the Ergene River, which has been experiencing a pollution problem since the 1970s due to the waste of industrial facilities. 100 percent domestic tunnel boring machine designed by Turkish engineers Lale, Deep Discharge Line B [more…]

Is tcdd a general visit of the eligible izban
35 Izmir

TCDD General Manager Uygun's İZBAN Visit

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun visited İzmir Port and received information about the port works and activities at the meeting. Later, TCDD 3. Regional Directorate and Taşımacılık AŞ. Eligible Zone visiting Izmir Regional Directorate [more…]

channel plans of the new city to be established around Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Channels of Yenişehir to be established around Kanal Istanbul

The plan amendment made in December 2019 by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for "Yenişehir", which will be established in agricultural areas around Kanal Istanbul, was revised. The plan, which was finalized, covers an area of ​​approximately 37 thousand hectares for all zoning applications of Yenişehir. [more…]

New period starts on Monday in Sakarya Private Public Buses
54 Sakarya

New Era Starts on Sakarya Private Public Buses

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Private Public Buses begin a new period as of Monday. Private Public Buses Stop Management announced its new decision on Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Private Public Buses with a statement posted on the buses. CARD 54 AND [more…]

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