THK Enters Guiness Book of Records

thk guiness entered the book of records
thk guiness entered the book of records

Organized by the Turkish Aviation Association on October 9, 2004 in the district of İnönü, Eskişehir. Air Games in Turkey with 3 square meters opened so far, the largest flag in the sky paratroopers jump THK Hakan Rich, he won the right to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Türkkuşu Parachute Teacher Hakan Rich, standing in Kayseri Air Supply and Maintenance Command 17 X 22, at 5 meters in size and 433, our flag in the 5 square meters, as a result of a year of work and tests Eskisehir Inonu 3. In the jumps made in Turkey Air Games 433, 5 meters He entered the Guinness Book of Records with a record he broke by opening our glorious flag of squareness and gliding through it. The previous record in this category belonged to an American parachutist, with a flag of 333 square meters.

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