Annunciation to Mass Transportation Cooperatives in Manisa
45 Manisa

Good News for Public Transport Cooperatives in Manisa

In the June Meeting of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Council, important decisions were taken in favor of public transportation cooperatives and enterprises that are the tenants of the Metropolitan Municipality, whose business has decreased significantly due to the coronavirus outbreak. Public transport [more…]

new bus to burulas fleet
16 Bursa

20 New Buses to BURULAŞ Fleet

Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has included 20 new buses to reduce the density of public transportation and meet new line demands. Relieving transportation, one of the most important issues of Bursa [more…]

They did not say pandemic, they signed the investment
35 Izmir

Pandemi Demmedi Signed 2 Investments

Many countries of the world have been struggling to survive vigilantly to prevent the spread of the corona virus for about three months. The state of emergency and curfew in effect saying is felt all over the world and life in Turkey [more…]

for students, I started my card in Izmir
35 Izmir

'Suspended Izmir Card' Started for Students

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality adds another way to the solidarity it initiated in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. With the “Suspended İzmirim Card” application, benevolent İzmir residents will be able to load the cards of students who need support. The coronavirus outbreak that shook the world [more…]

turkiyenin to end the roof Agri

Flying from the roof of Turkey's Mount Ararat

Turkish Aeronautical Association as paragliding pilots trained on the morning of August 8, 2015 which is the highest point of Mount Ararat in Turkey have taken another pioneering performing paragliding flight from the summit.