The Project Aiming to Prevent Train Accidents Passed Teknofest Preliminary Screening

The project, which aims to prevent train accidents, passed on the technofest elimination.
The project, which aims to prevent train accidents, passed on the technofest elimination.

5 projects prepared by Bağcılar Municipality Enderun Talented Kids Center students passed the pre-selection at Teknofest, which is the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival. The "Reliable Train" project, which aims to prevent accidents by converting the train rails to the smart rail system, draws attention from the designs that will compete at the festival in Gaziantep.

“TEKNOFEST Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival”, which is organized to open the way for young people on aviation, space and technology issues and to encourage them to work in these fields, will be held in Gaziantep between 22-27 September 2020 this year.

Turkey's largest aviation festival "Teknofest in Bagcilar Municipality Enderun Gifted Children Center students" Disaster Management "," social isolation "and" First Aid "qualifier of the projects presented in the categories he passes obtained the right to contest. The team of 10 people will come to the tech enthusiasts with 5 projects called "Protect Me From Me", "Hydrophobic Manhole", "Reliable Train", "Life Signal" and "Mask Your Panic".

Reliable Train project stands out

While “Protect Me From Me” project, which is one of the finals, it is aimed to minimize the harm that an individual with disability may cause to his body in anger; Briefly notifying the search and rescue teams of the person who fell into the sea with “Life Signal”; The digital-based control system developed in “Hydrophobic Manhole” prevents the floods by informing the employees' mobile phones by immediately interfering with the blockages in the sewer lines; With "Mask your Panic", it is aimed to prevent loss of consciousness or dizziness that occur due to excess oxygen during a possible attack.

The most remarkable project is the “Reliable Train” project. When railways are damaged, a system that will notify you without passing over the train is not used. This project will greatly reduce train crashes. Train rails will be transformed into a smart rail system thanks to this system. This program is installed on the screen of the computer that provides train communication with the station. When the jolt becomes abnormal, the program warns the station and warns the mechanic at the station and the train is stopped.

They will sign important developments

Wishing success to the Enderun Talented Children Center students who will compete at Teknofest, Bağcılar Mayor Lokman Çağırıcı said, “I congratulate our children who have passed the pre-selection and reached the final. I believe that they will represent our district in Gaziantep in the best way and will sign important developments in the future. ”

Children of Enderun participated in the festival with 7 projects last year.



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