President Gökçek Spoke About Ankara Metro

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President Gökçek Spoke About Ankara Metro
Ankara Turkey not only of the metro, which will make rail transport a regional power in the foundation of the Metro Vehicles Manufacturing Plant, Ankara Chamber of Industry was laid in a ceremony held in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone.

Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım, Ankara Governor Alaaddin Yüksel, Mayor Melih Gökçek, AK Party Deputy Chairman Salih Kapusuz, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China Gong Xiaosheng, Ankara Chamber of Industry President Nurettin Özdebir, some MPs, China CSR Company officials ministerial bureaucrats and many citizens attended.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek said that the groundbreaking ceremony of the facilities was a happy day for them and said: Ankara We started 3 metro at the same time in Ankara. The power of the municipality was not enough for 900 trillion, but more than enough. After that, we asked our Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Thanks to them they did not break us and brought more of them. Sağ

From time to time, he criticized the many metro lines for the start recording President Gökçek, said:

Im I felt I was awake here at one point on behalf of the people of Ankara. Why? If I hadn't started the 44 metro, it wouldn't have ended. It was not possible for our Prime Minister to finish this. So we did a profitable business for Ankara. I especially express my gratitude to the Government for speedy work. They provide a really great service for Ankara. Hopefully by the end of this year, our metros will be finished. Important work will begin. Ankara's traffic already relaxes, there will be more relaxation. We are trying to adapt to that. In particular, I would also like to thank the President of Ankara Chamber of Industry Nurittin Özdebir for the ASO Chairperson. And I would also like to thank MNG for getting this facility to Ankara. Ve


Gokcek, who thanked the Minister of Transport, Binali Yildirim for his work on the suburban line in Ankara, said: Başkan When the suburb works, I hope he will be like a subway route in the city. It will seriously breathe traffic, ”he said.

Mayor Gökçek stated that there were 350 vehicles in Ankara when he became mayor. And Ankara traffic currently has 1 million vehicles in 450, where we came from, so it does not grow. Public transport is very important for him. Onun


On the subway line of Esenboğa, the Minister Gökçek asked the Minister for Lightning; What is that? We have another subway. The plan and projects of our fair area came yesterday. If Allah has done, we will have finished our exhibition area before the end of this year. We will open the service. We want our metropolitan metropolitan airport konu he said.


In his speech President Melih Gökçek heralded that they have completed the tender of Şentepe Teleferik project which will complete public transportation projects and they have made the agreement. Mayor Gökçek continued:

Olan We made the first one of the cable cars to be built in Şentepe, 3.5 km. I hope this will end in the 8 month. Therefore, we are making a serious effort to breathe in Ankara. Dolayısıyla


In his speech he gave information about the ongoing transportation projects in the capital, Mayor Gökçek stated that they made a new boulevard within the Atatürk Forest Farm in order to ensure that the high-speed train could pass comfortably. Mayor Gökçek said, geçit We made 12 overpasses on this boulevard and we gave way to the high speed train. We no longer have relations with the State Railways, so please don't hesitate to go through the high speed train. When he opened our way, you will see that we are also relieved in Ankara traffic. Lad


Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, in his speech, is now not only the capital of Ankara, Turkey, the industry also said to be the capital of the railways. In his speech, Minister Yıldırım also mentioned the ongoing transportation infrastructure projects in Ankara and gave the good news to the people of Ankara and stated that the projects for the construction of the rail system between Esenboğa Airport and Akyurt, which is also the instruction of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, were completed. he said.

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