Babadağ Ropeway Project to be implemented

Babadağ Ropeway Project Must Be Implemented The Chamber Assembly President Mustafa Büyükteke, who is a candidate for presidency in the elections of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with his group friends 20 and 21. term visited the representative of Muğla Hasan Özyer. and 21 [more…]

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B70 Concrete Travers Supply Work Done

B2013 Concrete Travers Supply Job Concluded with the tender number of 18921/70. YAPIRAY DEMİRYOLU İNŞAAT SİSTEMLERİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ won the tender with its approximate cost: 3.471.300,00 TRY, with a bid of 2.938.740,00 TRY. 1) A) Date of Tender: 12.03.2013 [more…]


Konyalılar Wonder 2 YHT Station

Konyans are curious about 2 YHT station YHT, High Speed ​​Train, No lie is the biggest gain of Konya during AKP period. For now, we are talking about it for days, weeks because there is no other gain. YHT commissioning of Eskişehir-Konya line [more…]


Intersection Regulation Works in İnegöl

The 'traffic transportation plan' project continues in Bursa's İnegöl district. After the courthouse, Hacı Lütfullah Mosque, Muratbey Street, Kırcalı Mosque, Gazimagosa Street, Avarlar and Fatih Mosque intersections, the arrangement is now at the intersection of Anafartalar Street and Kurtuluş Street. [more…]

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Chinese CSR to produce wagons in Ankara

Chinese CSR will produce wagons in Ankara: CSR Corporation, the world's second largest railway equipment manufacturer, will establish a wagon production facility in Ankara Sincan with MNG Holding for 110 million dollars. An official from the Ministry of Transport stated that the necessary conditions for the investment are completed. [more…]


E-5 i Locking Accident

In the traffic accident that occurred on the Avcılar E-5 highway, 3 people were injured, 6 of them seriously. The accident took place at around 23.30 in the direction of E5 Avcılar Topkapı. According to the testimony of eyewitnesses, the car with the plate 34 AN 3655 was [more…]


9 12 Bridge Interchange

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to relieve the city traffic with its bridged crossroads. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has built 2004 bridge intersections since 12, is also responsible for Şehreküstü Intersection, which has problems in pedestrian and vehicle traffic. [more…]


Muş Bingöl Highway Crash

Muş Bingöl Highway Collapsed: There was a collapse on a part of the Bingöl-Muş highway. According to the information obtained, the fact that the material required for the infrastructure was not used and the curtain concrete was not poured caused the road to collapse. Source: hurseda


2012 Traffic Accidents in Erzurum

In Erzurum, where 93 thousand vehicles according to TURKSTAT and 109 thousand 419 vehicles according to the data of the General Directorate of Highways are in traffic and the road length per square kilometer is recorded as 57.4 meters, 2012 fatalities, 5 injuries and thousand 521 material [more…]

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Muğla MP Özyer: Babadağ Teleferik Project

Muğla MP Özyer: Babadağ Ropeway Project Must Be Taken into Life Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the election of the Presidency Chamber Parliament President Mustafa Buyukteke, group of his friends 20 and 21. term visited the representative of Muğla Hasan Özyer. [more…]


Eurasian Brush on Highways

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar lashed out at the Provincial Coordination Board at the entrance to the Eurasian University. Minister Bayraktar, who warned Selahattin Bayramchavus, Deputy Director of the Highways, said, ahat The university is already dying. From there to croak, from here [more…]


Mardin Can Be The Logistics Base Of The Middle East

Iraqi businessmen who came to the "People who touch life" event held in Mardin were hosted on the floor table. Middle East Mercantile Exchange Chairman Murat Cuhadar, indicating that set off the stock market in order to increase trade between Turkey and the Middle East, "Mardin, become logistic bases in the Middle East Region [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works in Odunpazarı Municipality

Teams affiliated to Eskişehir Odunpazarı Municipality started asphalt works with the arrival of summer. Within the scope of the determined program, Municipality Science Works teams, who first worked in Huzur District, are throwing asphalt on 10 streets of the neighborhood. Printed on the area and [more…]

Asphalt News

The road will be closed due to asphalt work

According to the statement made by Gönyeli Municipality, asphalt works will be carried out on Atatürk Street from 08.00 to 19.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. From the municipality on the subject is as follows: From the Gönyeli Mosque area to the Dürümcü Baba junction on Saturday, [more…]