Konyalılar Wonder 2 YHT Station

Konyalılar Wondering 2's YHT Station YHT, High Speed ​​Train yok No lies, it is the biggest gain of Konya during the AKP period. For days, weeks, since there is no other gain that is considered for now. [more…]

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06 Ankara

Chinese CSR to produce wagons in Ankara

China's CSR to build wagons in Ankara: The world's second largest railway equipment manufacturer, CSR Corporation, will build an 110 wagon production facility in Ankara Sincan with MNG Holding for $ million. An official from the Ministry of Transport, [more…]


E-5 i Locking Accident

Hunters E-5 3 people seriously injured 6 in a traffic accident that occurred on the highway. The accident took place in the direction of E23.30 Avcılar Topkapı around the clock 5. According to eyewitnesses, 34 AN 3655 plate [more…]


9 12 Bridge Interchange

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to relieve the city traffic with its bridged intersections. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has been making 2004 crossroads since 12, has difficulty in pedestrian and vehicle traffic. [more…]


Muş Bingöl Highway Crash

Mus Bingol Road Collapsed: Bingol -Mus road collapse occurred on a part. According to information obtained, the necessary materials for the infrastructure and the curtain of concrete poured the road caused the collapse of the road. [more…]


2012 Traffic Accidents in Erzurum

According to TURKSTAT 93 thousand, according to the data of the General Directorate of Highways 109 thousand 419 vehicles in traffic, the length of kilometers per square kilometer 57.4 meters in Erzurum 2012 mortal, 5 mortal, 521 [more…]


Eurasian Brush on Highways

ENVIRONMENT and Urbanism Minister Erdogan Bayraktar, Provincial Coordination Board of the entrance to the University of Eurasian pontoons lashed fire. Minister Bayraktar warned Selahattin Bayramçavuş, Deputy Director of Highways, with a harsh language. [more…]