Insensitivity of Highways in Urfa Villages

Village roads in Şanlıurfa could not be corrected for years. Roads covered by the construction of highways could not be corrected. Village roads due to the unconscious use of the villagers and the poor quality materials used in their construction [more…]

high voltage warning at tcddden
35 Izmir

Egeray statement from TCDD ...

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate, "If you have chosen 'where the crash occurred and two workers were injured" to the allegations, the subject of the news station that the high-speed train station [more…]

34 Istanbul

No investigation visas on the ground

There is no investigation visa for Topbaşa In the tender for the metrobus purchase, the Metrobus buses with a price of 1 million 200 thousand Euros in the tender of Muammer Güler, CHP Group Vice President Muharrem İnce. [more…]

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Overflows in Şirinevler

Overpass in Sirinevler Ends Ending Expansion work has been initiated in order to eliminate the density of the pedestrian overpass used by metro and metrobus passengers in Sirinevler. Metro in Şirinevler and [more…]

Marmaray project that connects both sides of the Bosporus by rail.
34 Istanbul

The Project of the 19th Century

Days Left to the Opening of the Project of the Century, Marmaray: The countdown has started in Marmaray, which connects the two sides of the Bosphorus with a tunnel. With a tunnel 60 meters below sea level [more…]

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Device to finish train accidents

The device to finish the train accidents was Yıldız Technical University Faculty Member Dr. The Rageos (Rail Line Geometry Measurement System) device, developed by Burak Akpınar, helps prevent train accidents caused by rail defects. [more…]

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