They Walk for Safe Highways

Global Partnership of Non-Governmental Organizations on Road Safety in Antalya 3. As part of the Global Meeting, 70 representatives from the Civil Society Institution (NGO) from different countries marched. Gathered in Ataturk Park in Konyaalti Street [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bringing new standards for Metrobus drivers

IETT came to the end of the work it started to evaluate and certify the qualifications of the drivers working on the metrobus line, where 750 thousand people are transported daily, and created the "Metrobus Driver National Occupational Standard". by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK) [more…]

06 Ankara

Railway employees marched to Parliament

Railway workers walked Assembly of the United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) and the Turkish Transport Union (TUS), Turkey against liberalization in the Bill of TCDD Directorate General of Railway Transport met before. All from Turkey [more…]


Railways cannot be opened to capital

Railways can not be opened to capital Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Chairman of the Board Ali Ekber Cakar, Parliamentary sub-commission discussed the Draft Law on the liberalization of the privatization law, he said. Railway Employees Platform [more…]


He helped the wounded and was hurt

The truck driver who wanted to help the injured driver who had an accident with his car on the E-5 Highway lost his life. In Silivri, truck driver Kadir Şahin helped the injured driver who had an accident with his car on the E-5 Highway. [more…]


Last Castle TÜDEMSAŞ

Last Kale TUDEMSAŞ As the bureaucrats and politicians began in the patronage speeches, bir A sun was born in 1939, they named it Cer Workshop ”. You know those years are special [more…]


High demand for Diyarbakır light rail line

There is heavy demand for the Diyarbakır light rail system The construction of the light rail line will be started this year within the scope of the Urban Transportation Master Plan prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality. 3 line intended to be completed annually, [more…]


Book Reading Action in Light Rail | Kayseri

The Action of Reading Books on the Light Rail System: In KAYSERİ, the teachers and students of Private Sağnak College read a book while going on the light rail system in order to spread the habit of reading books and to show that they can be read anywhere. [more…]


3en from the highways

In the issue of Yeni Alanya dated March 12, 2013, 'Is the hotel good?' The headline of the news caused a great deal of attention. General Directorate of Highways, in 2010 State Hospital Junction, Telecom Junction, Şeyh Şamil Street [more…]


Tülomsaşta resulted in promotion

Tülomsaş promotion was concluded An agreement was signed with TEB Bank as 3 TL for 1.900 yearly for bank promotions of TÜLOMSAŞ employees. For the bank promotions of TÜLOMSAŞ employees, 3 TL will be paid with TEB Bank. [more…]


Highway Safety Meeting Has Started

Global Partnership for Road Safety Non - Governmental Organizations. The Global Meeting began in the Kemer district of Antalya. International Police Association (IPA) President of Turkey and Antalya Police Department hosted the opening speech of the meeting [more…]


E holders will be required

This application will be mandatory. According to the draft law, chip plates on vehicles, barcoded labels will be affixed to the windshields. With the system, the movements of all vehicles on the highways can be monitored step by step. Approximate cost of the new plates to the citizen [more…]

Asphalt News

Our unpaved road will not remain

Elbistan Mayor Durmus Small, 2013 year as they have done all the preparations for the asphalt season, he said. Mayor Küçük, starting from neighborhoods whose asphalt work could not be completed in the last years, will cover the roads with hot mixture asphalt. [more…]


After Uludağ Economy Summit

Bursa Governor Şahabettin Harput, regarding the "Uludağ Economy Summit", said, "It is a very important and historical event that such important and famous names came together for two days in Uludağ." Harput, in his written statement, [more…]