The Latest in the Most Reliable Transport Tool Debate

Last point in the most reliable means of transportation: According to statistics, the most reliable but the most feared means of transportation is aircraft; the throne leaving the train offering a reliable, comfortable and inexpensive journey.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to Transportation Statistics Turkey and 2013 4 1 years in our country when foreign aircraft accidents, railroad accidents occurred 27. Considering that the number of road accidents has reached millions, air and railways are the preferred means of safe transportation, while fear rail systems for aircraft are prominent.

ITU Rail Systems Engineering Head of Department Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, rail systems are preferred all over the world as a safe transportation means by recording, the new technology and service offered by the subway and high-speed train is managed by the computer reported.

Stating that, in a high-speed train, the possibility of an accident is very low unless more than one element such as user, system error or maintenance problem comes together, Söylemez said, “Environmentally friendly metro and rail systems that greatly relieve traffic also stand out among the vehicles with the lowest risk of accidents. tactics. Thanks to the constantly renewed technology, it is known in advance what is where in transportation vehicles such as metro and high-speed train, which speed and brake will be made at which point. At some point, there are safety systems that will control or even stop the train if the speed is incorrectly higher than necessary. At the same time, the staff using these tools can start using the tools after a certain training. This minimizes the risk of a negative situation. According to a study conducted in the UK, the probability of a person dying in a car accident is roughly a thousandth of a lifetime, while the probability of dying in a plane accident is given as one fifty thousand, and a chance of dying in a train accident is 130 thousand. ”

-Economically in the eye

Söylemez emphasized that metro and rail systems are preferable with reasonable prices, said:

“Taking into account the usage costs compared to road transportation worldwide, the metro and rail systems, which are more economical in terms of total cost, are considered as the transportation system with the highest passenger carrying capacity with their capacity to carry tens of thousands of passengers per hour. Choosing subway and rail systems in transportation will also contribute to the protection of the environment. ”

Söylemez, Istanbul MetroRail, which will be organized between 9-10 April 2015 with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Istanbul Transportation Inc., Tunneling Association Metro Working Group and the Association of Infrastructure and Trenchless Technologies. In his Forum and Exhibition, he stated that the latest information regarding the maintenance and planned operation of the metro and rail systems in our country will be shared with the sector representatives.


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