Record loss from TCDD: 1,3 billion TL

Record loss from TCDD: 1,3 billion TL. The 2013 period loss of the State Railways (TCDD), which is on the agenda with high-speed train projects, reached 45 billion 1 million liras with the increase of 280. In the case of record losses, the decrease in the income from passenger and cargo transportation, the high increase in expenditures and the increase of non-operating expenses played an important role. 1 billion 78 million pounds were also supported from the general budget for duty loss and road maintenance.

The Undersecretariat of Treasury's 2013 Public Enterprises Report and the TCDD's statistical yearbook for the 2009-2013 years included striking figures on railways. Despite the high speed train lines that have been activated in recent years, the number of passengers in the suburbs and outlines decreased. 2009 57 thousand passengers were traveling in 253 in the suburban lines of Sirkeci-Haydarpaşa, Ankara and Marmaray, while this number decreased to 2013 million in 25. The decrease in the number of passengers in the Sirkeci-Haydarpasa line was due to the stopping of the train services due to the renovation of the line.

The number of passengers with 2009 million 18 thousands in 224 has decreased to 15 million last year. 130 2009 thousand 1 389 943 1 last year, while the number of passengers traveling passengers 910 thousand, the number of ordinary passengers 579 million 5 thousand thousand thousand thousand fell to a thousand. The number of passengers traveling in bed 133 32 per thousand 2009 thousand per thousand has fallen back. The number of passengers traveling by high-speed trains increased from 942 to 2013 to 4 at 207. The number of passengers in the international flights of the TCDD, 5, serious decline in the year. The number of 2009 thousand passengers in the 241 thousand 99 thousand fell to last year. Overall, the 2009 80 thousand passengers in 92 were traveling with State Railways, while in 2013 this number fell to 46 million. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD's 50'şer partnership established with the partnership between Izmir and Izmir Aliağa-Cumaovası in the suburban line 2013 61 million passengers were moved.


The gap between operating income and expenses, which consisted of cargo, passenger and port revenues of TCDD, has grown significantly over the years. The 2009 639 2012 799 2013 881 2009 941 2012 1 393 2012 1 438'da 2009'den this increase. While the damage of freight of the State Railways was 72 million pounds in 2012, 65 billion 2013 million in 79 and 2012 billion 24 million in 2013. 30 2009 1 522 2012 2 151 2013 2'da 270'da 2009 million liras profit. State Railways, 502 395 242'den 498'den 12 ferry operation, the loss of the city. 9 billion 29 million pounds of 4 37,8 XNUMX XNUMX billion XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX billion XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX billion XnumX million pounds. Non-operating income in XNUMX declined to XNUMX million pounds from XNUMX million pounds, while non-operating expenses increased from XNUMX million pounds to XNUMX million pounds last year. Turkey is still only so XNUMX XNUMX thousand kilometers of double-track the total railway network, so xnumx'xnumx' electrical and signaling systems with xnumx's percent. In the audit report of the Court of Accounts, it was requested to increase the double-track roads, to extend the electric network and electric train sets, to expand the signalization network, to expand the high-speed train projects, to provide more comfortable and quality service to the passengers and to modernize the stations.

The State Railways are paid annually to the State Railways with a subsidy for the road maintenance repair from the Treasury and the duty loss is paid for non-economic lines. 2009 million 746 million in 2010, 867 billion 2011 million in 1, 16 billion 2012 million in 1, 11 billion 2013 million in 1, 78 billion in 2009. When Treasury support was included in the operating income, the period loss was 515 million at 2012, while 877,5 at 2013 and 1 billion at 280 were million TL.



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