TCDD is not the capital but the people

TCDD is not the capital but the people Öğüt reacted to the sale of the TCDD under the name of liberalization. Turkey About Draft Law on Railway Transport Liberalization of talks began last week in the Parliamentary General Assembly. The name of Kamu liberalization demir of public railways [more…]


The Problem of the Tram in the Assembly

The Tram Problem of Konya MHP Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı in the Parliament, brought the tram problem of Konya to the Parliament MHP Konya Deputy Mustafa, who gave a motion to ask questions to be answered in writing by Interior Minister Muammer Güler. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa cares about tram

Tram blinked lightning! Despite the discussions… Bursa cares about the tram. Because… Even though different thoughts and criticisms are mentioned with political and technical dialects, the citizen wants the transportation to be easy and economical. The name of BursaRay [more…]


Creating monopoly from iron

A monopoly is being created from iron The Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport is being discussed at the TGNA General Assembly. Although Transport Minister Binali Yildirim said that değil freedom değil is not privatization, the bill clearly states that esi service can be provided by third parties ”. State [more…]


Deputy Tüzelden reacts to the privatization of railways

Deputy Tüzelden reacts to the privatization of railways Istanbul deputy Levent Tüzel reacted to the privatization of TCDD. Reminding the strike of its employees, Tüzel said, rağmen Despite all the objections of organized trade unions, professional organizations and political parties on the railways, [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara Metro Vehicles Production Facilities

Here is the Ankara Metro Vehicles Production Facilities CSR Corporation, a Chinese railway equipment manufacturer, who received the tender for the production of the Ankara subway vehicle, together with MNG Holding, produced wagons in Ankara Chamber of Industry Sincan [more…]


Deputy Kutluata Met With Workers

Deputy Kutluata Meets Workers MHP Sakarya Deputy Munir Kutluata, who is working on the draft law discussed in the Turkish Grand National Assembly about the liberalization of railway transportation, met with the Turkish Transportation Sen Administration and workers. Kutluata, [more…]