35 Izmir

Nationless Machinists in Izmir

Unlicensed Machinists Set Off in Izmir Railway workers left their jobs in Izmir and went on strike. Many trains did not move. In order to break the strike, TCDD ignored the safety of life of the passengers and set out unlicensed trainee mechanics. Basmane from the first hours of the day, [more…]


Strike Fracture in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Stations

Strike Breaker in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Garage The strike of the Union of United Transporters (BTS) and the Turkish Transport Union (TUS) in Istanbul was held in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station in Istanbul. Railroad workers coming together at Haydarpasa Station, the start of the strike [more…]

06 Ankara

Trains stopped against privatization

BTS, which stopped the trains against privatization Turkish Transport You and Transport-Business, asked to withdraw the bill, leaving work against privatization of railways. Unions Transport Union (BTS), Turkish Transport-Sen (TUS) and Transportation-Business members after leaving work Ankara Station [more…]


Bookshelves in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality is putting an interesting application to enable people to read books and read different books. The municipality will put library-like libraries into the rail stations. Wishing citizens [more…]

34 Istanbul

Out of Control Cars Hit the Metrobus Overpass

Out of Control Automobile Crashed into Metrobus Overpass. The car, which got out of control due to excessive speed and carelessness in Bakırköy, hit the metrobus pedestrian crossing. Meanwhile, three people, one of whom was passing through the pass, were seriously injured. According to the information obtained, the accident, E-5 [more…]

34 Istanbul

TCDD Employees Protest New Bill

Workers Protest New Law Draft TCDD Haydarpasa Railway Station was a coming together of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) employees, protested the Parliament referred the Draft Law on the Liberalization of railways. The Turkish Transport-You and the United Transport Union [more…]

34 Istanbul

In the rail system Istanbul is far behind

In the rail system, Istanbul is far behind, the suggestions, criticisms and wishes for the transportation problem of Istanbul are expressed in the Assembly Chair. Sözcüsu Mehmet Selim Mehmet Yildiz said that it was time for the next local elections to change. [more…]


RayHaber 16.04.2013 Tender Bulletin

Forehead Wall Steel Frame Purchase Work (TÜVASAŞ) Consultancy service work (For Road, Intersection Improvement and Traffic Regulation Implementation Projects in the Metrobus Route) Various machinery rental work Rental of various machines for road renewal at Haydarpaşa port [more…]

01 Adana

Life Stops In Adana Station (Photo Gallery)

He stopped at the station of life in Adana Turkey after sending the bill to Parliament on Liberalization of Railway Transport, railway employees because of the strike that began in Adana Railway Station in most of the trains experienced delays. United Transport Workers Union (BTS) and Turkish Transport-Sen [more…]


Turkish business navigation

Turkey's first domestic navigation was developed with the support of TUBITAK. Local navigation with superior features is used as a vehicle tracking system as well as directions. New and exclusive use for navigation, pedestrian and vehicles, where institutions show great interest [more…]

railway workers on strike today

Railway Workers on Strikes Today

Railway employees today dropped all business in Turkey. While the workers demanded the withdrawal of the draft law envisaging the privatization of TCDD, TCDD found the action "unfair" and announced that it would work to prevent the disruption of the voyages. railway workers strike today in Turkey ... Turkey's State Railways [more…]


TÜVASAŞ Staff Donated Blood

Staff were Turkey Wagon Industry Co. TÜVASAŞ Blood Donations (TÜVASAŞ) blood donation campaign was organized. Within the framework of the blood donation campaign, TÜVASAŞ employees were visited by “Safe Blood Donation Specialists ları in their own units and informed about conscious blood donation. Campaign [more…]


Press Statement by TCDD

Press Statement by TCDD for Quitting a Job, by using the Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railways of the unions organized but not authorized in the railways; railways are privatized, employees are victimized, railways are being paid for global capital, on 16 April 2013. [more…]


Fire drill at TÜVASAŞ

Fire drill in TÜVASAŞ TÜVASAŞ Fire Department conducted one of the fire drills, “Liquid Substance Fire Exercise”, which it regularly performs every year. TÜVASAŞ Fire Department, which works in coordination with Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, [more…]


Cable Car Journey of the Crazy Rizelis

Ropeway Ride of Crazy Rizes. The gendarmerie took action when the footage of the two young people traveling by hanging on the primitive cable car in Rize was published. Images of two young people hanging on the primitive cable car called 'Varangel' in Rize and traveling social sharing [more…]