Intersection Danger

Crossroads on the 22nd Street in the Merkez Mahallesi cause car drivers and pedestrians to experience the danger of pedestrians on the crossroads on the 22.a Street in the Merkez Mahallesi [more…]


Fast Train Show Shame

In the Shame of the High Speed ​​Train Exhibited in our Country, the CHP-MSP coalition government's 1974 Assistant Professor. Dr. 200 “factories” with the name of Heavy industry where Necmettin Erbakan is located [more…]

20 Egypt

Railroad strike in Egypt ended

Railway strike ends in Egypt The strike launched by the Machinists and Conductors Union in Egypt on the grounds that the government did not take into account the demands for hike has ended. Head of Egyptian State Railways Hussein [more…]


Is there no EIA in Maşukiy?

No EIA in the maşukiy? The Democratic Left Party (DSP) Provincial President, Selman Gürpınar, made a very interesting claim. Gürpınar is foreseen to be established in Maşukiye for the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), [more…]


High Speed ​​Train Line | Kahramanmaras

High Speed ​​Train Line should pass through Türkoğlu Türkoğlu Mayor Mustafa Taşhan stated that Adana-Nurdağı-Gaziantep High Speed ​​Train Line should pass through Türkoğlu. In his statement on the subject, Taşhan will be established in Türkoğlu. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Ataköy 5.

Train Station is Being Built for the 5th Section of Ataköy As part of the Marmaray Project, which is planned to be completed on October 29, 2013, the train station is being constructed for Ataköy 5th Section, which was previously planned. Project [more…]

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