There is a high speed train between Bursa and 10 Project

There is a fast train between the project
There is a fast train between the project

In Bursa Between 10 Project High Speed Trains There is ; Verbal… Unuz You insist on the developments in high-speed train, and we follow closely. Let me give you the latest information ” he began.


Merino'such Bahçeşehir University in-house School of Government and Leadershiptradition School of Politics Bursa-4 after the program sohbetin us, the past period Deputy Prime Minister one AK Party Deputy of Bursa ve Chairman of the Human Rights Investigation Commission of the TGNA Hakan Çavuşoğlu said:priority issue What Bursa wants fast trend.

He explained the latest information:

“I met on Thursday before coming to Bursa. We waited for the citizens of Bursa, but the high speed train will surely come to Bursa. ”

The exciting development is:

"10 projects were identified in Turkey. This 10 project is definitely the projects to be done. Projects to be carried out with external support if necessary. One of these is our high-speed train. ”

Message clear:

Ği As it is known, last year's tender was canceled before the start of the cost increase, but this does not cause any pessimism. ”

He explained the important detail:

Da It is not important that no new tender has been held yet. Because our high speed train project is included in the investment program and we will include the 10 share in the percentage. ”


“We'll do the fast train” and he said:

“What we need to do is work persistently and decisively.”

He continued:

“The important thing is, what more can we provide to Bursa? We strive for this. Sure, we are trying to continue this process in Ankara with a completely sincere merchant logic and not politics. ”

He added:

Öyle So does our meetings with our ministers. We're going. We do not explain it with political rhetoric, but with all our attitudes and styles. I hope Bursa will have good services for Bursa. ”

At this point…

Ankara'Of course, no one in doubt. But, fast train of the city wants so much and should not leave the politician alone.

And this is Bursa's institutions Falling. Fan Club 'The continuation of the step taken by.

Source:  Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay

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