RayHaber 09.04.2013 Tender Bulletin

Fast Road Renewal Machine will be leased M4 Line Warehouses Rack System Purchase Wheel Set Purchase Work (TÜVASAŞ) * Purchase of various filters used in repair and maintenance of DE 18000 and DE 24000 type locomotives


Silifkede Road Work

The road expansion works started in the Akyokuş location of the Silifke district of Mersin continue. The road in the highway network in Akyokuş locality between Silifke-Demircili village is widened by 12 meters. Special Administration that examines the works carried out in the company of engineers, blasting experts and construction equipment [more…]

61 Trabzon

Planned Uzungöl ropeway project has come to an end

Planned Uzungol ropeway project in the end of the project is planned to be built in Uzungol town of Trabzon, Turkey, the end of the ropeway project was reached. Turkey's most important tourism centers of Trabzon's Çaykara reached the end of the ropeway project in the district town of Uzungol he said. [more…]

20 Egypt

Thousand 100 trains canceled in Egypt

100 train service canceled in Egypt 100 train service was canceled in Egypt due to the strike initiated by the Machinists and Conductors Union on the grounds that the government did not take into account the demands for raise. Authorities stated that the ticket money was returned to thousands of passengers. [more…]


Risks to be revealed if TCDD is privatized

TCDD Specialized Risks The name of the liberalization of TCDD; privatization, competition, sale, etc. whatever. After all, the institution will win, the private sector will win? The private sector will win as many examples in the world. Now that we all know, the railroads bring revenue [more…]


The railway will pass through the silver house

Gumushane Governor to pass the railway Yusuf Mayda, the polemic about the railway, the important thing is to pass through the railway in Gumushane said. Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Head of Transportation Department Dr. Fazıl Çelik's railway [more…]


Must be included in the Hatay high speed train project

Hatay speed train project scope should be taken to Turkey Wrap Beginners High Speed ​​Train (YHT), Turkey's 15 provinces to be connected to each other great. High-speed train, will cover up to half of Turkey's population. The distance between Ankara and Izmir will be reduced to 3.5 hours. Turkey wrap with [more…]


40 Year Previous Bosphorus and Bridge Photo Surprised

How is the difference between the Bosphorus Bridge 40 years ago and the present? Here is the image that surprises those who see it. The photo above, taken on October 30, 1973, when the Bosphorus Bridge was opened, was in the headline of Hürriyet dated October 31, 1973. 40 years in between [more…]


A Short Journey In The High Speed ​​Train Cockpit

A Short Journey in the High-Speed ​​Train Cockpit: The cockpit of the high-speed train, which operates with an electric current of 22 thousand volts, is also equipped with highly developed devices. For example, there is a system that automatically stops the train if the driver faints or dies. [more…]

420 Czech Republic

Turkey is growing interest in the foreign railway transporters

Foreign rail transporters of interest in Turkey is increasing with recent developments in rail transportation, transportation systems infrastructure, security and integration issues of which the agenda of Euro-Asian Railway Forum, 12-15 between March was held in Prague. M Dialogue between Railways and Customers “ [more…]

35 Izmir

Kemalpasa Logistics Village Will Carry Aegean

Gulab Logistics Village Aegean will move Gulab Logistics Village, Gulab railway connection, Turgutlu, Manisa, bagged, Aydin, the organized industrial zone in Denizli, with highway-highway will also connect to Istanbul and Ankara and Turkey's rail, sea and road largest linked [more…]

Eurasia tunnel and marmaray are among the safest places in the earthquake
34 Istanbul

The Project of the Century Very Special Details from the Marmaray

Project of the Century Very Special Details than Marmaray: Marmaray, which is shown as the project of the century, is approaching the end. The project, where the rough construction is completed, will be put into service on 29 October. Marmaray authorities have the world's deepest immersed tube tunnel of the project whose main lines have been completed. [more…]


Flood in Tunceli Ovacık

While the Tunceli-Ovacık highway was closed yesterday evening due to the overflow of the Munzur Stream, the road was opened to traffic in the morning. As a result of the flood that occurred with the melting snow waters in Munzur Stream last night, Tunceli-Ovacık highway was closed to transportation around Venk Bridge. [more…]