Silifkede Road Work

The road expansion works started in Mersin Silifke district Akyokuş location continue. The road on the Highway network in Akyokuş locality between Silifke-Demircili village is widened by 12 meters. Engineers, blasting [more…]


The railway will pass through the silver house

Railway will pass through Gümüşhane Gümüşhane Governor Yusuf Mayda said that they did not join the polemic issue on the railroad, the important thing was that the railroad passes through Gümüşhane. Karadeniz Technical University Engineering and Architecture [more…]


Flood in Tunceli Ovacık

While the Tunceli-Ovacık highway was closed yesterday evening due to the overflow of the Munzur Stream, the road was opened to traffic in the morning hours. What happened with the melting snow water in Munzur Stream last night. [more…]

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