Silifkede Road Work

Road expansion works in Silifke district of Mersin, Akyokuş, continue. The road in the Highways network in Akyokuş, located between the village of Silifke and Demircili, is being expanded to 12 meters. Accompanied by engineers, blasting specialists and construction machinery [more…]

20 Egypt

Thousand 100 trains canceled in Egypt

Thousand 100 train expeditions were canceled in Egypt Thousand 100 train expeditions were canceled due to the strike initiated by the Union of Machinists and Conductors in Egypt on the grounds that the government did not take into account the demands of the raise. The authorities have sent thousands of passengers [more…]


Risks to be revealed if TCDD is privatized

Risks that will arise if TCDD becomes privatized The name of the liberalization of TCDD; privatization, opening up to competition, selling, etc. Whatever. Will the institution ultimately win, the private sector will win? The private sector will win as many examples around the world. All of us now [more…]


The railway will pass through the silver house

The Gumushane Railway Yusuf Mayda said that they did not enter into polemics about the railway and that the important thing was to pass the railway through Gümüşhane. Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Head of Department of Transportation [more…]


Flood in Tunceli Ovacık

Tunceli-Ovacik highway Munzur River overflow yesterday evening as a result of overflow, the road was opened to traffic in the morning. Tunceli-Ovacik highway as a result of the flood caused by melting snow waters in Munzur Stream yesterday evening. [more…]