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22 Edirne

High speed train coming to Edirne

High-speed train is coming to Edirne: Airport and high-speed train projects for Edirne have been finalized. Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Şahin announced that the airport to be built in Edirne will also serve Kırklareli. Governor Şahin also [more…]


Tram in Eskişehir scared off

Tram derailed in Eskişehir frightened: A tram with passengers in Eskişehir derailed for an unknown reason and crashed. No injuries occurred in the incident. According to the information received, from the Opera direction to the Bus Station. [more…]


2015 billion liras in rail investments in 9

2015 billion in railroad investments in 9 billion: Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan, 2015 will concentrate on railway investments in the 9 billion pounds investment will be realized, within this framework will open new tenders, he said. Elvan, the year of 2014 [more…]

16 Bursa

How much does it cost to get to a cable car with hotels?

How Much Does it Cost to Take a Cable Car to the Hotels Region: The cable car, which has been renewed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which brings transportation in Bursa with deep-rooted solutions, and brings citizens to Uludağ with its modern face, has also started to carry passengers to the Hotels Region. Test [more…]

kardemir commenced domestic production of fast rail in international standards
Intercity Railways

Freight Train Carrying Coal to KARDEMİR Overturned

Two mechanics were injured when the train carrying coal between Zonguldak and Karabük fell in Yenice district. Under the direction of machinists İsmail Belen and Aslan Kavuk, the freight train carrying coal from Zonguldak to KARDEMİR in Karabük is at Kayadibi location. [more…]

Uludag Cable Car Will Start Again

Snow Doping on the Cable Car in Uludağ

Snow Doping on the Cable Car in Uludag: The heavy snowfall in Bursa has led to an increase in the number of passengers of the new cable car line extended to the hotels of Uludag. Heavy snow starts in Bursa, extending to the Uludag hotels region [more…]


No light at the end of the Sabuncubeli tunnel

There is no light at the end of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel: The contractor firm went bankrupt in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel project. Either the project will be transferred to another contractor or the loan will be used. Last chance, the highways will complete the project. Build-Operate-Transfer model [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Bridge Construction Starts at University

Bridge Construction at the University Begins: The bridge that will connect the part of the Adıyaman University Rectorate Building with the campus will be constructed as 2 lanes in accordance with the traffic of the vehicle. April 2015 [more…]


Balıkesir-Edremit road closed due to snow

Balikesir-Edremit highway was closed to transportation due to snow: Passenger buses, dozens of cars and pickup trucks were stranded on the Balıkesir-Edremit highway due to heavy snowfall. It started at noon yesterday in Balıkesir and continued with increasing effect. [more…]


Gümüşhanede Highway Investments

Highway Investments in Gümüşhane: AK Party Gümüşhane Deputy Kemalettin Aydın stated that Gümüşhane is experiencing its golden age in highway investment, and that a new 12.9 kilometer long road will connect the Eastern Black Sea Region with Central Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia. [more…]


HGS system collapsed

The HGS system has collapsed: In HGS, which has been implemented in highway and bridge crossings for two years, the problems are incessant. The system, which has victimized thousands of drivers because of the reading error, paid the toll of 1.75 TL to 165 TL. [more…]