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Kataner Wire Broken, Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Expeditions

In Sultanahmet, when the cafeteria wire that provides energy to the tram is broken, the tram services are disrupted. Expeditions mutually Bağcılar-Beyazıt, KabataşIt can be done between Sirkeci. There is no tram for 2.5 hours between Sirkeci and Beyazıt. Kabataş-Tram that makes the journey to Bagcilar, entering Sultanahmet stop at 12.15 o'clock [more…]

radar control

Roadside Control Comes

Intelligent control stations arrive at the roadside. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will establish 23 new roadside inspection stations as part of the Technical Assistance Project for Weight and Dimension Checks of EU-Funded Commercial Vehicles. WHAT IS IT INTENDED? Transport, Maritime [more…]


Highway Response

CHP Provincial Council Member İsmail Doğan asked the end date of the Çan-Çanakkale highway, which has not been completed for 14 years. Speaking at the Provincial General Assembly meeting, İsmail Doğan described the failure of the Çan-Çanakkale highway to be completed for 14 years as the failure and shame of politics. Promise [more…]

38 Kayseri

2012 2013 Winter Season Review | Erciyes Ski Resort

More than 2012 million people visited Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center, which is a candidate to be one of the biggest winter tourism centers in the world. With the master plan initiated by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and the important investments made, the star [more…]


Is The Pedestrian Crossing Mi Car Pass

Vehicles allowed to travel from the opposite lane due to walking used the pedestrian crossing with pedestrians. Then look what kind of a scene you have come to see. "Fight against Breast Cancer" march organized within the scope of "Women's Health Education Project" carried out by Samsun Governorship [more…]

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UTİKAD met with its members

UTIKAD Met with its Members UTIKAD International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association met with its members at the Taksim Elite World Istanbul Hotel at the Member Day Event held on 29 March 2013. Providing information about UTIKAD's activities and activities [more…]

TCDD Guest House and Dormitory Fees

TCDD Guest House Prices Changed

TCDD Guest House Fees Changed: Guest House and Dormitory fees have been re-determined to be valid as of 21.01.2013 as per the Communiqué on 28535-2013 Public Social Facilities published in the Official Gazette dated 8 and 01.02.2013. Our Guest House and Dormitories [more…]


RayHaber 05.04.2013 Tender Bulletin

Derince Port Conveying and Drainage Channels Construction Repair Work Insurance service will be taken Ray Welding Factory Rail Welding Facility Construction Works Complete Wheel Set Purchase (TÜLOMSAŞ)


Trabzon is on its way to becoming a logistics center

Concrete steps have been taken regarding the logistics center, which is one of the most important agenda topics in Trabzon recently. In this context, the Board of Directors of ISL, the Institute of Logistics and Economics operating in Germany, came to Trabzon for logistics center inspections. [more…]

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Marmaray Excavations 8.500 Reveals Bones

Marmaray excavations revealed 8.500-year-old bones Many historical artifacts were unearthed during the Marmaray and Istanbul Metro excavations in Yenikapı. The artifacts unearthed in the metro excavations that take the city's history back 8 years ago are also gradually [more…]


Diyarbakır light rail route

Diyarbakır light rail system route Altun stated that the route envisaged for the light rail system line starts from Dağkapı Square and extends to the Training and Research Hospital in Kayapınar district, and the length of the line will be 14,3 kilometers, and 18 stations on the project route. [more…]


Tram trap in Eskisehir

Tram trap in Eskişehir Tram extension works continue to negatively affect the life of the citizen. Citizens are almost used to accidents that occur several times a month. In the evening, the tramway extension works on Ertaş Street are almost [more…]

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Metrobus drivers will be Metrosexual

Metrobus drivers will be Metrosexual. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has set a standard for metrobus drivers. Drivers will have shaved, ironed clothes and speak well. There will be no fears of speed In buses, metrobuses and trams, drivers with beards and who do not pay attention to hygiene work, [more…]


Planned YHT lines in the east until 2023e

The lines of YHT planned in the east as far as 2023e will contribute to the solution process with the 'High Speed ​​Train' projects. The Ministry of 10 will produce the eastern provinces with high-speed networks in the year. From projects to Edirne-Kars will fall to 8 hours. TRANSPORTATION [more…]


The War of the month of pride of Sakarya TÜVASAŞ

War of the Month, The Pride of Sakarya TÜVASAŞ TÜVASAŞ's first facilities were put into operation on October 25, 1951 under the name of "Wagon Repair Workshop" in order to eliminate foreign dependency in railway transportation. The small, modest workshops of those times are now selling wagons even abroad, [more…]


Here is the name of the 3orth Bridge

What will be the name of the third bridge that has started to be built in Istanbul? Vatan newspaper claimed that it had reached the name to be given. Istanbul, if it gets the 2020 Olympics will connect Asia with Europe will be given the name of the new bridge Turkey Olympics, 2020 Olympics coming to Istanbul What [more…]