Bridges and motorways are not privatized. coming

The government is preparing to take a radical decision in privatization. Bridges and highways will not be privatized, instead, the Ministry of Finance will be established within the 'Road Inc.' from the public offering of the shares will be made with income. The government has announced the privatization of bridges and highways. [more…]


Truck Towed Off Highway

Trabzon-Gumushane highway in a traffic accident occurred in the town of Torul coal-loaded truck overturned, the road closed to transportation. 29 AD 682 plate under Rahman Kucuk's direction going to Gümüşhane with coal loaded from Trabzon [more…]


A bus company closes every month

Every month, a bus company shuts off the road transport sector which forms the backbone of the passenger transport in Turkey, until recently, the airline grows popular time of the strait and narrow has fallen into the High Speed ​​Rail Investment [more…]


RayHaber 18.04.2013 Tender Bulletin

Sounding and Control Switch Cable will be purchased (TÜVASAŞ) Aluminum Profile Purchase (TÜVASAŞ) AL Expanded Sheet Purchase (TÜVASAŞ) Bogie Upper Core Shaft Purchase (TÜVASAŞ) Axle Core Purchase (TÜVASAŞ) [more…]

994 Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan to establish logistics center in Kazakhstan

Azerbaijan will establish a logistics center in Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Deputy Minister of Economic Development Niyazi Seferov, in his speech at the Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan Business Forum in Baku, said that Azerbaijan wants to establish a logistics center in Kazakhstan. Seferov in his speech from Azerbaijan's 150 [more…]