Kataner Wire Broken, Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Expeditions

In Sultanahmet, when the cafeteria wire that provides energy to the tram is broken, the tram services are disrupted. Expeditions mutually Bağcılar-Beyazıt, KabataşIt can be done between Sirkeci. There is no tram for 2.5 hours between Sirkeci and Beyazıt.

Kabataş-When the tram, which made the Bağcılar expedition, was about to enter the Sultanahmet station at around 12.15, the catheter wire that energized the trams was broken. When the power was cut, the tram remained where it could not enter the stop. As the wire fell on the tram, explosions occurred and smoke rose. Thereupon, the passengers on the tram experienced short panic. While the passengers were evacuated after the doors were opened, the situation was reported to Istanbul Ulasim AS. The teams that came to the region in a short time began working to repair the catheter wire. Due to the studies, tram services were closed to two-way traffic between Beyazıt and Sirkeci. Authorities, until the work is over KabataşHe said that the flights between Sirkeci and Bağcılar-Beyazıt will continue without any problems. It has been stated that Beyazıt-Sirkeci, which has been closed for approximately 2.5 hours, will be opened to services after the completion of the works.

Source: News 3

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