Mars Logistics Will Carry Diyarbakir

mars logistics company started to provide flammable warehouse service
mars logistics company started to provide flammable warehouse service

The expectation that the solution process would revive trade in the East prompted Mars Logistics. Establishing a headquarters in Adana, the company is exploring investment opportunities in Diyarbakır and its surroundings.

Solution process began with the 'optimistic' air giant companies in Turkey mobilized. Hoping that the terror prevailing in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia for years will end, businessmen have begun to take off the shelves one by one. Mars Logistics, one of the transportation sector companies, also focused on Diyarbakır after the investment it made to turn its branch in Adana into a large center. Mars Logistics Deputy General Manager Ali Tulgar stated that with the solution process, there will be an explosion in the trade in the region. Tulgar explained that these developments will mobilize other companies in the service sector like them. Stating that there will be a great economic recovery in Diyarbakır and its surroundings, Tulgar said, “We started to make investment plans with the possibility of new opportunities in the coming period. "We are watching the region closely," he said. Stressing that their centers in Adana are working intensively, Tulgar said that new companies may come with positive developments in the region.


Mars investments are not limited to Turkey. The company put into service 'Intermodal Transportation' with an investment of 500 trailers. With an investment of 27 million euros, it carries out railway transportation with trailers between Trieste in Italy and Bettembourg in Luxembourg. Stating that the transportation on this line is increasing rapidly, Tulgar said, "This shows that the economy is on the right track."

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