The Foundation of Balçova Cable Car Facilities Has Been Launched

balcova cable car and adventure park break
balcova cable car and adventure park break

📩 11/03/2021 23:34

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Cable Car Facilities in Balcova, made statements about the tenders about the municipality staff of 650, which caused the crisis in the municipality.

Response from the AK Party Izmir Mevlana'nın responding with the words of President Kocaoğlu, "Ankara, the Parliament does not make a proposal in the Parliament, the city is not interested in the problem of hawks are cut in Izmir. Without wheat, go to the mill but the hair of the hair beard. You can't get anything else, Başka he said.

Mayor Kocaoglu, 650 municipal staff to deal with the issue of the tender and the subcontracting system to fight for the removal of criticism itself criticized the AK Party deputies found a series of statements.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu,

The best response to the criticism that the AK Party deputies did not nail Izmir was the opening and groundbreaking ceremonies of the 43, which they performed at the Saturday ceremonies they performed. This is not included in the investment of the 516 ropeway. Dahil


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu stated that the cable car will be raised to the date of 31.12.2013. and he will find his place in the emblem of Balcova. and this ropeway will continue the work of both our president and President Ercüment Uysal; it will continue to be the property of Balçova. I wish a blessed auspicious Hayır.


President Kocaoğlu stated that the laying process of the cable car was extended due to legal difficulties in the tender process, and compared his experiences with running hurdles: süre Since 2007, we are striving to bring the ropeway back to life. We did not participate in our project tenders. There was a legal obstacle. Then this law was fixed. Because it was cheaper to do projects, it was more expensive or profitable to do the ropeway. The number of companies engaged in the cable car was limited, not everyone was involved in the project tender to enter the construction tender. Then the legal way of projected tender was opened. After that, we went to tenders three times, he canceled what he knew, the JCC gave it to the administrative court in Ankara, and from there went to the district administrative court. Finally, the JCC said that you can give the contract here. This process has been completed. We said no patience would be too late. The world is racing over time, running. We need to run more. We're trying to run. Our run is disabled. Running is the most difficult. But we continue on our way, we will continue. The cost of this ropeway 12 million pounds. The 2.42 will reach the peak of the mountain in minutes, with the 1200 carrying capacity per hour. A to Z will be renewed with all system cabinets from the existing poles to the above and below buildings.


Stating that the only municipality that fights and abolishes subcontracting is President Kocaoglu, 650 gave the following information about the process related to the dismissal or subcontracting of the worker: iş We try to evaluate the important issues in front of the city without trying to give the right of reply. We consider this as a sharing with our people. Today, our workers, trade unions and, of course, Izmir are experiencing a troublesome process, especially in the metropolitan municipality, regarding the tender process of our 650 workers. Where does this process come from? First of all, we need to get deeper. By the end of the 2004 year, municipalities were able to grant their own companies outside the tender legislation. Today, how we milk from Tire Milk, Bayindir flower project from the plant, Bademler and Bademli'de how to make seedlings and flowers, the municipality was also bidding the tender of service to their own companies. This has changed. What did that bring? In these municipalities, it quickly brought subcontracting. We have been saying and fighting since the day we sat in the seat of the metropolitan municipality, against which we are against outsourcing. 100-150-200 people have always been in the tender for all the tenders from the first day to put them in the tender. In 6, we hit the last one, and we have taken our 500 bin 2 workers into our own. and Turkey became the first big fight against modern slavery government agency started against outsourcing. This is a painful business.

There's a price for that. Employee job security, severance pay, the right to pay the right to pay compensation has a price. This has a cost to a metropolitan municipality; in addition, there is a bad sample cost against the institutions that have adopted the principle of subcontracting in our republic. We pay and pay. First, we returned to İZBETON asphalt tender. Then we returned from the pole again at the auction of the 3150 personality ESHOT. The last one is our 650 friend. All of them in metropolitan, IZSU and ESHOT'da friends who perform certain tasks, administrative staff class. Even the mayor of the city may even cancel the tender. Bureaucrats do not know how to make the tender. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, let alone here, Let's bring the new company, bring the new. There's a son. they all thought, idea. We respect. Say


President Kocaoğlu, who argued that the lawyer of the company that took the tender took the name of the CHP, reacted harshly: in I am warned. Attorney, as a lawyer, the political identity is not a point to be used in advocacy. Every day by giving statements in newspapers, show making. If you are really CHP, be with labor, be with the laborer. Doing unnecessary unnecessary press releases by making Izmir and Izmir morale. Gerekli


Mayor Kocaoglu, union leaders, instead of criticizing themselves to fight for the removal of the system of subcontracting, he said. Kocaoglu, erk Unions to the trade unions and everyone to cancel. Parliament's Parliament should abolish subcontracting. In order to grant the right to labor, the parliament must abolish the subcontracting system. The leaders of the big trade unions, confederation and federation presidents say to the metropolitan municipality, do not throw the worker says. The law is clear. I'm not taking refuge anywhere. Let the root of subcontractors In the 2009 years 650 excavation of the Republic of Turkey would take the mayor said no one needs to have a proposal in. We already know the subject, our heart is burning. But we are doing the right job and right management. Ama

If the judge does not win the 650 workers have to separate our way. It's over two years. We came to the point of holding office in the corridors of courthouses and we were justified. Now they are developing outside discourse in such a municipality, so that the municipality bureaucracy can revise it to the provincial municipality. I refuse. What matters is legal regulation. Removal of the subcontracting system. Keeping the worker.


Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, as a municipality that abolishes subcontracting, called on the deputies, asked them to fight jointly in parliament to abolish subcontracting.

Kocaoglu, Republican People's Party (CHP) Izmir deputies Alaattin Yuksel and Mustafa Moroglu emphasized that the law on the subject of the Grand National Assembly of emphasizing, said: oğlu Trade unions in the past, the private sector and municipalities, has put the distress problem. This is a fact of the country. What happened? There was no legal basis for subcontracting. We will establish this system in every world in the world for each country to compete in the world to compete for the price of hours is clear, account is easy. Then, we determine the maximum wage in order to strengthen the balance of foreign payments in order to produce, develop and export. There may be those who oppose me. But I come from practice. I have workers. 3 is a thousand liras. 2700 takes a pound. The contractor takes 750 pounds. In which economy of the world is given a thousand pounds of 750, 2500-3 and there is peace in business, production, fate of union? Let someone come and tell me. Then I charge maximum wage from here minimum. It is absolutely necessary to remove the subcontracting and open the way for the municipalities to give service contracts to their companies. That's right. That's the right fight. To fight in parliament. No political struggle can be given to the mayor or the head of the provincial political party. This is the demand to do something illegal. But by changing laws and regulations, the way to protect the rights of these workers is parliament. The formula required for the solution of this issue is available to all representatives. Our representatives have already submitted a law proposal for municipal companies to receive tenders. It must be supported by the other party proxies, the governing party's proxies, and the issue should be discussed in the parliament and must be solved as soon as possible. I heard the need to make this statement.

Mayor Kocaoglu, 6 million pounds in Izmir within the last 516 month of investment and service they have announced by explaining,, 2011 at the end of the Saturday Ceremonies began at the end of the 43. We did not nail Izmir, the first five years, no other investments in our promise to say, today with the full 43 Saturday from the ceremony to the opening to the opening run. We have laid the foundations of our new intersections, refinements, car parks, life parks without getting tired and tired without getting tired. Kah opened the new boulevard, bridge junction, subway stations, cycling and hiking trails. Kah, we have put our new buses, construction machines, coffee producers and schools to establish the first opera house in the history of the Republic or sign the contracts that will open the way for urban transformation. We've brought 6 million pounds of investment and service in the last 516 months, indicating that the work like ant isn't a word. The cable car is not in this 12 million pounds account alık.


Ruling party's proxies made a statement to him after every explanation, said that the main task of proxies is not to enter into polemic with the mayors.

Chairman Kocaoglu, they are not afraid of criticism, they are open to any criticism of the recording, recording said: ini Well, when we are doing them some deputies, especially the gold, I have drawn some of its deputies, after every explanation of me to try to raise the word, taking different meanings from each sentence and a new discussion in the city what they did other than creating the environment and stretching the people of Izmir. I don't need a name. Izmir public knows very well who they are. The job of the deputies is to serve the city, not to enter the polemic with the mayors. For the end of Izmir and Izmir, to spend time in the ministries. The power of being the power to use for Izmir. There are so many deputies, as if the nation voted to give them the mayor to answer.

We are not afraid of criticism, if we are wrong, we try to see and correct it with constructive criticism. But what I've just mentioned is something very different. I'm sure my fellow citizens of Izmir had understood this very well. I think my words have found their real counterparts. I especially appreciate our other deputies. "

Mayor Kocaoglu, the ruling party's proxies wanted to deal with the problems of Izmir and listed them as follows: İzmir We are looking at the performance of the Parliament. They did not give a verbal and written proposal. They made a special effort to go to the assembly stand and not to talk about the problem of the people of İzmir. But as soon as they come here, the hawk's off. However, we are expecting to act not from the representatives of the ruling party. We are waiting for the performance of the show in Izmir. For example, we expect them to work to address the incentive injustice between us and other provinces. In order to solve the space problem of the solid waste disposal facility, we expect them to be unifying and not to be effective, and to take an active role in the relevant ministries. In order to avoid further delays in our exploration for the Izmir metro, we expect them to lobby in Ankara. We expect tram projects to be removed from the shelves. We expect ourselves to play an active role in the allocation of treasury lands that we will use for service to the citizen, not to build a manor. We want them to be a force in Ankara to avoid double standards for Izmir. '

Mayor Kocaoglu, Minister of Economy Zafer Caglayan asked about the incentives they wanted to talk about. Kocaoğlu, or Zafer Çağlayan, our minister for the economy, was also there. I demanded equalization of the organized industrial zones in the area of ​​incentives. Dear Minister, after taking the floor and taking the floor, we are building a foundation for 400 million pounds - if you use credit for the fair, two points; 4 points have credit incentives if you use domestic source said. We slept in peace, dedrik. Conclusion: yes, but there is the upper limit 600 thousand pounds. We're getting the cheapest loans in Turkey. But the limit was 600 thousand pounds. Ama


Balçova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya, the opposition during the 2007 year due to the metal tiredness of the cable car facilities closed down to the opening of the facilities, noting that the establishment of the facilities will do with the build-operate of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'na thanked.

President Çalkaya, Başkan 2007'ta metal

he was stopped because of fatigue. If you want to do business, boza is cooked on your neck. If you make it public, these should be in the hands of the public and some of them should be subsidized. Aziz Bey did it. The cable car is our symbol. The opposition always tried to hit us on the cable car. They said build-operate-transfer. It was not, because it was a symbol of the municipality. Thanks to you, İzmir has the highest green area per capita in the world. In Çakalburnu you are building a million square meter area of ​​hypermarkets and large commercial enterprises instead of urban forests. Every day at least 3 bin İzmir is using it. Just under the 77 is a recreation area of ​​1,000 square meters. In the world, Balçova will be the district with the highest green area per capita. We took the opinions of every part of the society and took the opinion of the chambers and NGOs and took them to the Ministry of Tourism. Five thousand and a thousand if you could suspend the plan was thanks to you. You have made the Abilik and brought the biggest problem of the city to the solution stage. I don't know how to thank you. I heartily thank you.

District mayors, chamber and union presidents and CHP Izmir deputies Alaattin Yüksel and Mustafa Moroğlu attended the ceremony. News

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