Canadian Certification Programs

Canadian Certificate Programs

Canadian certificate programs offer unique programs especially for students who want to study in a short-term and vocational field. The exchange rate advantage of the Canadian Dollar, especially during and after the education period, compared to the alternative countries. [more…]

Drug Operation at Istanbul Airport
34 Istanbul

Drug Operation at Istanbul Airport

Kilos of cocaine, khat, amphetamine and cannabis drugs were seized in the operations carried out at Istanbul Airport last week by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce. According to the statement made by the Ministry, Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence [more…]

Students Prefer Technopark Istanbul MTAL at LGS
34 Istanbul

Students Prefer Technopark Istanbul MTAL in LGS

While the school preferences that determine the course of thousands of students' lives became clear, Teknopark Istanbul Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (MTAL) was at the forefront of the vocational secondary education institutions that accepted students by examination. Since its establishment [more…]

MINI Aceman Latest Electric Concept
44 UK

MINI Aceman, the Latest Electric Concept

A very new all-electric concept model has arrived from MINI, the Aceman. The ACEMAN, the first all-electric crossover model in the MINI product family, revealed at its world premiere in Düsseldorf, the Mini electric concept Aceman, fully electric. [more…]

Izmir, Turkey's Most Fire-Resistant City
35 Izmir

İzmir, Turkey's Most Fire-Resistant City

Izmir's heroic firefighters were vigilant against possible fires as the air temperatures rose above seasonal normals. Visiting the fire brigade personnel, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “There have been 20 fires in the last 1556 days. 1473 of them [more…]