Piezo Nose Aesthetics

What is Piezo Nose Aesthetics?

This surgical method is one of the most important rhinoplasty operations that benefit from technology. It was first tried and implemented in 2004. Ultrasonic without any of the cutting or crushing tools [more…]

Plywood Materials

What Are Structural Plywoods?

Plywood, which is a wood product generally used in the construction industry, is a thin and flexible wooden material with high durability, formed by gluing at least three veneers on top of each other. [more…]

E-commerce Experience
Guest Post

Enhanced E-commerce Experience

Traditional commerce has taken a different dimension with the changing world order. kazanwas. Today, many people and companies, as owners of e-commerce sites, move their business to the internet environment and easily meet their products with their customers. [more…]

New Kaspersky EDR Expert Available

New Kaspersky EDR Expert Available

Kaspersky has updated its Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) product for businesses with mature IT security processes. The new Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert offers advanced APT-like attack protection functions. [more…]

Children flock to ESMEK Summer School
26 Eskisehir

Children flocked to ESMEK Summer School

Eskişehir's education home, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Art Vocational Training Courses (ESMEK), has become the address of children with the Summer School trainings it organizes this year as well. Children aged 7-14 years mental, [more…]

ZIHAs Take Off For Cair Caterpillars This Time
10 Balikesir

ZIHAs Take Off For Grassland Caterpillars This Time

Balıkesir, with its meadow-trailer entering the country from the Thrace region; Upon being seen intensively in the sunflower fields, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality's agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle ZIHAs took off one after the other and covered an area of ​​245 thousand decares. [more…]

E-Commerce Market Runs To Trillion Dollars

E-Commerce Market Runs To $6 Trillion

While digitalization transforms retail, it also increases the wind of e-commerce. The data released by Morgan Stanley shows that the e-commerce market, which is currently worth $3,3 trillion, will reach the $2026 trillion mark in 5,4 and will account for 27% of retail sales. [more…]

Turkish Canoe Championship Started in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Durgunsu Canoe Turkey Championship Started in Eskişehir

The “Sluggish Canoe Turkey Championship”, which was held in Eskişehir on July 22-24, with the cooperation of the Turkish Canoe Federation and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, started. 29 athletes from 265 clubs are fighting for the championship in the championship. Important in water sports [more…]

Izmir Roma Rights Workshop Started
35 Izmir

Izmir Roma Rights Workshop Started

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who attended the Roma Rights Workshop, said, “We established the Urban Justice and Equality Branch Directorate to fight discrimination and support equal citizenship. We are doing important work. Our Roman brothers [more…]

The Innocents at AKM Yesilcam Cinema
34 Istanbul

'Innocents' at AKM Yeşilçam Cinema

Norwegian director and screenwriter Eskil Vogt's 2021 film “The Innocents” will be screened at Atatürk Cultural Center Yeşilçam Cinema. He directed the Golden Tulip with Blind in 2014. kazanWritten by An and Joachim Trier [more…]

Important Reason to Consume Ice Cream

5 Important Reasons to Consume Ice Cream

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nilay Öngen talked about the benefits of ice cream and the points we should pay attention to while consuming; made important recommendations and warnings. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nilay Öngen, 2 [more…]