scania unveils all-electric models
46 Sweden

Scania Introduces All-Electric Models

Scania introduced its fully electric trucks to be produced for regional long-distance transportation as part of its efforts to ensure the transition to sustainable transportation. Scania, fully electric truck series, in the first place R and S cabin [more…]

Environmental Investments to End Floods in Beylikduzu Completed
34 Istanbul

Environmental Investments to End Floods in Beylikdüzü Completed

İSKİ, the long-established institution of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has completed wastewater, stormwater and stream improvement investments that will end the floods that have been experienced for years in Beylikdüzü. Due to the completion of the project, the opening ceremony was held in Barış Neighborhood. “150 [more…]

Ordu Bicycle Festival Has Started
52 Army

Ordu Bicycle Festival Has Started

Ordu Bicycle Festival, organized in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, TIEBFest Bicycle Festivals Organizing Committee, Co-Pedal Association and Ordu Bicycle Safari Group, has started. While the first stop of the bicycle enthusiasts is the Metropolitan Municipality, the bicycle [more…]

The World Meets in the Ring of Horon
61 Trabzon

The World Meets in the Horon Ring

Organized by the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan '61 Countries Hand in Hand, Hayde Horona', the '2. International Horon Festival' brought together guests from all over the world in the horon ring. '61 Countries Hand in Hand [more…]

Future Stars Will Shine With Sports
26 Eskisehir

Future Stars Will Shine With Sports

Organized free of charge by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality to train the stars of the future, the "Summer Term Sports Child Training" continues intensively with the participation of 800 athletes in different branches. Metropolitan Municipality Youth and [more…]


Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is designed so that users can start with what they need and grow at their own pace, adding new apps and functionality as and when they need it. Where data was previously stored in monolithic application packages, [more…]

Things to Know About E Archive Invoice System

Things to Know About E-Archive Invoice System

The digital transformation process in Turkey started with the transition to the e-government application. With the private sector's involvement in this process, e-transformation applications have become widespread especially in the field of accounting and finance. Therefore, for companies trying to adapt to the electronic system, [more…]

Stellar Defense Smart Camera System Conveniences

Stellar Defense Smart Camera System Conveniences

Stellar defense firm was founded in 2003. The purpose of its establishment is to weaken the visibility opportunities caused by adverse weather conditions. Improving negative vision conditions with the developed technology and algorithm with signal and image processing base [more…]