What Time Should Roasting Be Consumed?

What Time Should Roasting Be Consumed?

Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gave information about the subject. Özgönül said, “The Feast of Sacrifice has arrived. We will be able to both rest and meet some of our body's needs with the roast we eat. How should the sacrificial meat be stored, how it should be cooked and how it should be served? [more…]

Sea Lettuce Cleaning in Bostanli Completed
35 Izmir

Sea Lettuce Cleaning Completed in Bostanlı

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and İZSU General Directorate teams continue their work with the goal of "clean Gulf". Teams that intervene in green algae, known as "sea lettuce" among the people, where they are seen. Karşıyaka Cleaning of Bostanlı coasts [more…]

President Erdogan Appointed Rector to the University

President Erdoğan Appoints Rectors to 5 Universities

With the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the decision regarding the appointment of rectors to 5 universities was published in the Official Gazette. According to the appointment decisions published in the Official Gazette, Prof. Dr. Edibe Sözen, Eskisehir Osmangazi University [more…]

Foods That Boost Brain-Friendly Memory

Brain-Friendly Foods That Boost Memory!

The problem of forgetfulness, which many people frequently encounter, can be eliminated by consuming certain foods. So which foods are these? Expert Dietitian Mazlum Tan gave information about the subject. Omega 3 (Fish): Omega 3 in brain functions [more…]

Free Public Transportation All Day Long in Kayseri
38 Kayseri

Public Transportation Free for 4 Days in Kayseri

Memduh Büyükkılıç announced that urban public transportation will be free on city buses, trams and private public buses during the Eid al-Adha. Demonstrating the best examples of the municipality of the heart in the city, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. [more…]