The Secrets of Artworks Begins in August
34 Istanbul

The Secrets of Artworks Begins August 2

Istanbul Modern's adult workshop and seminar program continues on Atolye Modern online. With the steps of defining, analyzing and interpreting each lesson of the seminar titled "The Secrets of Artworks", the participants are encouraged to examine the works of art. [more…]

How to Get a Visa Easiest

How to Get a Visa Easiest?

Obtaining a visa represents a very difficult and troublesome process for many people. In fact, many people do not initiate this process at all, as they are afraid of the visa process. In fact, the visa process is very [more…]

Mansur Yavas Visited Kesikkopru Summer Camp
06 Ankara

Mansur Yavaş Visited Kesikköprü Summer Camp

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) prioritizes equality of opportunity in education with 'student-friendly' practices and continues to implement projects where students from the Capital can lead a more productive and more enjoyable education life during the summer break. seda [more…]

Baskent Public Bread E Commerce Period
06 Ankara

E-Commerce Period in Capital Halk Bread

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory, which has implemented the 'Baskent Market' model in order to increase domestic production in the capital, now offers both its own products and Women's Cooperatives and Local Unions. [more…]

Light Seen in Ordu Peripheral Road Akcatepe Tunnel
52 Army

Light Seen in Ordu Ring Road Akçatepe-1 Tunnel

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu stated that the light can be seen in the Akçatepe-1 Tunnel, which is within the scope of the Ordu Ring Road Project, and that the entire Ordu Ring Road, which will reduce the 40-minute travel time to 15 minutes. [more…]

Soganli and Erdemli Valley Comes to Life Again
38 Kayseri

Soganli and Erdemli Valley Comes to Life Again

Governor Gökmen Çiçek and President Büyükkılıç are carrying out many studies in order to reveal the cultural values ​​of Kayseri, the leading city of Anatolia, and to introduce it to the world. Kayseri Governorship, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Museum [more…]

BILSEM Students Discovered at STM
06 Ankara

BİLSEM Students Discovered at STM

Within the scope of the cooperation protocol signed between the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Presidency of Defense Industries and the Ministry of National Education, Science and Art Centers (BİLSEM) students visited STM between 18-22 July. Middle School (11-14) [more…]

Bursray Station Names Changed
16 Bursa

Bursray Station Names Changed!

According to the regulation made by BURULAŞ, the name changes were made at the stations located on the rail system lines. While the name of the University Station was changed to Uludağ University, the name of Demirtaşpaşa Station was changed to Demirtaşpaşa-Abdal. According to the regulation [more…]