AKUT Fights Forest Fires in Datca and Urla
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AKUT Fights Forest Fires in Datça and Urla

AKUT Search and Rescue Association went into operation to respond to the Urla/Çesme and Datça forest fires that started on 13 July 2022 and are still continuing. Responding to the forest fire that started in the Datça Mesudiye neighborhood [more…]

Aid to Flood Victims Started in Istanbul
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Aid to Flood Victims Started in Istanbul

10 thousand lira cash aid decision within the framework of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Social Assistance Regulation for those who were victims of the floods that occurred in the Esenyurt district due to heavy rains in Istanbul on July 2022, 7. [more…]

Archeology Enthusiasts Crossed Borders
16 Bursa

Archeology Enthusiasts Crossed Borders

The Archeology Club, founded by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to raise awareness of archeology, carried out an official excavation for archeology enthusiasts in cooperation with the Tavsanli Höyük Excavation Directorate, following different workshops in the 8500-year-old Arkeopark. [more…]

Kalamis Summer Festival Continues
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Kalamış Summer Festival Continues

Kadıköy Kalamış Summer Festival, organized for the second time this year by the Municipality, continues with film screenings and concerts. The festival will end with a special concert for the August 30 Victory Day. Kadıköy Organized by the Municipality of Kalamış Summer [more…]

Beware of Diseases Triggered by Heat

Attention to Diseases Triggered by Heat!

Ear Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information about the subject. Increasing temperatures in the summer period can trigger many serious diseases. Our bodies, which are not used to high temperatures, are very [more…]

Kavacik Square Gets Its New Look
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Kavacık Square Gets Its New Look

Within the scope of the Kavacık Square Project carried out by the Karabağlar Municipality, the village square is rapidly gaining its new appearance. The teams completed the infrastructure and pavement works of the square. The square surrounded by pontoons is a new identity. kazanwas. occur in the queue [more…]