Capitalists Will Determine ANKAPARK's Future
06 Ankara

Capitalists Will Determine ANKAPARK's Future

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that the future of ANKAPARK, which was transferred to ABB with a court decision on July 3, 18, after 2022 years of legal struggle, will be determined by the people of the Capital City at the press conference he held. this word [more…]

Schengen Visa Processes Begin in Diyarbakir
21 Diyarbakir

Schengen Visa Procedures Begin in Diyarbakır

As a result of the initiatives of Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry, VFS Global and Gateway company, which opened an office in the Diyarbakır Industry School building in 2020, but suspended its activities due to the pandemic, as of July 25, 2022 [more…]

Intense Interest in Swimming Course in Bucada
35 Izmir

Intense Interest in Swimming Course in Buca

Buca Municipality, which gives full support to sports activities especially for children and young people to stay away from harmful habits, has been flooded by Buca people of all ages for swimming courses opened in the summer months. 500 thousand now [more…]

The Sky Observation Event that Will Last Day in Erzurum Has Started
25 Erzurum

3-Day Sky Observation Event Started in Erzurum

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “In a place where someone, some front politicians who rely on the terrorist organization to gain political profit, send Kalashnikovs to the hands of children and send them to the mountains to gain power for themselves. [more…]

Erzurum Congress

Today in History: Erzurum Congress Started

July 23 is the 204th day of the year (205th in leap years) according to the Gregorian calendar. Number of days left until the end of the year 161. Railway 23 July 1939 The French soldiers in Hatay withdrew and the Payas-Iskenderun line was surrendered. [more…]