5 Surprising Benefits of THC Pen
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5 Surprising Benefits of THC Pen

THC pens are the modern devices of this era. People often believe that cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes. Not. You may not know that this pen has many health benefits. THC oil, delta 8 THC cartridges [more…]

Ways to Protect Babies and Children from the Sun

Ways to Protect Babies and Children from the Sun

From Memorial Ankara Hospital Department of Dermatology, Uz. Dr. İbrahim Özcan made suggestions to parents for the skin health of children in the summer months. Özcan said in his statement: “The most important way to protect yourself from the sun is to avoid the sun. [more…]

Registration for Camdibi Pool Starts After Eid
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Registration for Çamdibi Pool Starts After Eid

The construction of the Semi-Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool, designed by Bornova Municipality in Çamdibi, has come to an end. The first registrations for the pool, whose construction has been completed and will be opened at the end of July after the landscaping works, will be taken after the holiday. [more…]

The Benefit of a Glass of Kefir

8 Benefits of a Glass of Kefir

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Şengül Sangu Talak talked about 8 benefits that come with a glass of kefir, gave warnings and suggestions; He also gave you three healthy recipes that you can sweeten with fruits. Nutrition and [more…]

Is it forbidden to have barbecue in the picnic areas in Afyonkarahisar?
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Is Barbecue Banned in Picnic Areas in Afyonkarahisar?

Considering that the seasonal temperature values ​​will increase and due to the extraordinary weather conditions that may occur in the coming days, forest fires may increase in Afyonkarahisar, and some measures have been taken by the Afyonkarahisar Governorship to protect the forests against fire. [more…]

Bucali Students Succeeded With Digital Classroom
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Students from Buca Succeed with Digital Classroom

Buca Municipality, which started the Digital Classroom move to provide equal opportunity in education and alleviate the negative effects of the pandemic process, and reached 10 thousand students in a short time, received the reward of its efforts with the success of the students. [more…]

A Stand of Respect with Songs from AKM to Istanbul
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A Minute of Honor with Songs from AKM to Istanbul

The Istanbul State Turkish Music Research and Application Ensemble will sing Istanbul songs at the Atatürk Cultural Center Theater Hall on July 19. The concert titled “Songs of Yeditepe Istanbul” consists of songs composed for Istanbul, the cradle of civilizations. [more…]