Family School Project Started in the Province

Family School Project Started in 7 Cities

The Ministry of National Education launched a new project to strengthen the family, which is the foundation of society. Family communication, conflict and stress management, conscious and safe use of technology, fight against addiction, social emotional skills [more…]

How to bring a foreign patient

How to Bring a Foreign Patient?

How to bring foreign patients? Thanks to the ever-developing medicine in the world, solutions are starting to be found every day for the diseases we call incurable. Thanks to qualified and trained doctors, sick people are getting more and more into life day by day. [more…]

Dear Friends Campus Renovated
35 Izmir

Best Friends Campus Renovated

The campus, which Bornova Municipality has completely renovated and turned into a modern treatment and rehabilitation center for street souls, was opened with a ceremony. Bornova Mayor Dr. At the ceremony attended by Mustafa İduğ, his dear friends [more…]

Mobilization for Izmir Bay Cleaning and Odor Problem
35 Izmir

Mobilization for Izmir Bay Cleaning and Odor Problem

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is resolutely implementing the roadmap for projects that will eliminate the problem of gulf cleaning and odor. İZSU, which carries out its activities in line with the “harmony with nature” strategy of President Tunç Soyer, is the only one to pollute the gulf. [more…]

Tan Urla
35 Izmir

Tan Urla Welcomes Investors

Tanyer Yapı Advertising Manager Gül Tanyer Tozburun said that they hosted many domestic and foreign investors in the Tan Urla sales office. Gül Tanyer Tozburun, who gave information about the project they started to work on, said. [more…]