Cleaning Works in Cheesecioğlu and Ahırkuyu Streams Completed

Cleaning Works Completed in Cheesecioglu and Ahirkuyu Streams
Cleaning Works in Cheesecioğlu and Ahırkuyu Streams Completed

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate, KarşıyakaHe completed the cleaning works carried out by the Cheese on the Cheesecioğlu and Ahırkuyu creeks. A total of 5 tons of foreign matter and bottom mud were removed from the two streams, which prevent the flow of water into the sea.

İZSU General Directorate continues its efforts for a clean gulf and a healthy environment without interruption. Located in the city center, after the Manda, Arap and Meles creeks KarşıyakaComprehensive cleaning work was also carried out in the Peynircioğlu and Ahırkuyu creeks in Istanbul.

A total of 2 tons of bottom mud was removed from 5 streams.

KarşıyakaStating that they completed the extensive work they carried out on the creeks that have an outlet to the sea in the Bostanlı neighborhood of Bostanlı, İZSU General Directorate Creeks Maintenance Branch Manager Alper Nazlı said, “2,5 thousand tons of material from a line of approximately 2 kilometers in Peynircioğlu Stream and 230 truck trips from the bottom of the creek in Ahırkuyu Stream. We have completed our cleaning works by removing 3 thousand 500 tons of bottom mud. We continue our cleaning efforts throughout the city for a healthier environment.” he said.

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