Archeology Enthusiasts Crossed Borders

Archeology Enthusiasts Crossed Borders
Archeology Enthusiasts Crossed Borders

The Archeology Club, which was established by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to raise awareness of archeology, offered archeology enthusiasts the opportunity to experience an official excavation in cooperation with the Tavşanlı Höyük Excavation Directorate, following different workshops in the 8500-year-old Arkeopark.

The Archeology Club, which was established within the scope of the Metropolitan Municipality Culture Branch Directorate to raise awareness of archeology and to carry out applied field studies, continues its activities without interruption. The Club, which has transformed the 8500-year-old Archeopark into an educational space with workshops and told history buffs about the construction of Gordion mosaics dating back to 3500 BC with Hittite cuneiform writing with a history of 750 years, now offered a real excavation experience to archeology enthusiasts. . Within the scope of the volunteer project of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, a university student, graphic artist, art teacher, housewife, private sector employee and group leader archaeologist who came to Tavşanlı from Bursa with the project carried out jointly with the Metropolitan Municipality Archeology Club and Tavşanlı Höyük Excavation Department. Archaeological excavation experience was carried out for 6 days with a team of 4 people.

The group hosted in Tavşanlı Höyük Excavation and Research House, firstly, Excavation Director Assoc. With the presentation and explanation of Erkan Fidan, he learned what was done in the field and in the excavation house, and all the stages of the process of a found artifact from soil to museum. The group fulfilled the tasks given under the supervision of expert archaeologists in the excavation area, which has a history of 8000 years, in accordance with the excavation regulations.
Stating that they have achieved different achievements in each work thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality Archeology Club, the club members thanked Fidan, the Head of Tavşanlı Höyük Excavations, and all team members for their hospitality.

The excavation activities, interviews and workshops of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Archeology Club will continue with a plant fiber rope making workshop with prehistoric methods to be held in the coming days.

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