4,7 Million TL Savings in One Year from ESHOT

4,7 Million TL Savings in One Year from ESHOT

ESHOT General Directorate, which is the lifeblood of public transportation in Izmir, produces the spare parts needed for buses out of warranty against increasing input costs. Only in the last year, 64 spare parts were either produced in ESHOT workshops or made reusable. Thanks to the works carried out at a more affordable cost compared to the market price, approximately 449 million 4 thousand TL was saved.

Despite the unstable exchange rates, constantly increasing fuel prices and other costs, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate saved money by producing the spare parts needed for buses out of warranty, in their own workshops.
The parts to be produced are measured and designed by ESHOT technical teams. Then, the created models are produced in the production department and directed to the quality control stage. Spare parts that pass the quality control processes are used in the needed vehicles. Only in the last year, 64 spare parts were produced or reused in ESHOT workshops. Thanks to these studies, which were carried out at a much more affordable cost compared to the market price, ESHOT General Directorate saved approximately 449 million 4 thousand TL.

“We cost 5 out of 1”

Speaking about the spare part production phase, ESHOT General Directorate Quality and Institutional Development Department Head Ertan Dikmen said, “As ESHOT General Directorate, increasing the quality of transportation is one of our biggest goals. Along with the recent cost increases, we are also working on the production of spare parts on the way to quality and sustainable public transportation service. At ESHOT, we have a highly equipped and strong team and equipment. Although it varies according to the part, we cost each part approximately 5/1 cheaper than the market. In terms of quality, we produce in the same standard as the original fabricated parts. This saves us a lot of money," he said.

Much more durable parts

Burhan Ergül, Head of Transportation Investments Department of ESHOT General Directorate, drew attention to the durability of the manufactured parts. Stating that they scrutinize frequently malfunctioning or broken parts, Ergül said, “Our engineers identify the causes of failure and model new parts accordingly. For example, if there is a fracture caused by vibration, the weak points are strengthened and the part is resized if necessary. In this way, we have succeeded in increasing the service life of many parts from a maximum of two years to 6-7 years. This is actually a separate savings item," he said. Ergül added that they never produce parts that will affect passenger and vehicle safety, driving ability and comfort, and that they always use the originals of such parts.

The waiting time has also been shortened

Halil Tosun, Metallurgical and Materials Engineer of the Quality and Institutional Development Department, R&D Energy and Environmental Management Branch, emphasized that the waiting times of the defective buses have been shortened thanks to the spare part production activity. Stating that sometimes the waiting time reaches 6 months, Tosun said: “We usually produce products that are difficult to supply and costly. We quickly assemble the quality spare parts we produce on our defective vehicles. Thus, the buses are included in service as soon as possible.”

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