Antalya Tram Map
07 Antalya

2. Etap ANTRAY Puzzle

Stage ANTRAY riddle: 2016 days from now on until EXPO 276 opens its doors. We all dreamed about the announcement of EXPO 2016 in Antalya. Why not install; Infrastructure and superstructure of Antalya [more…]

65 Singapore

Singapore Reaches New Line

Singapore Reaches New Line: Singapore Transportation Minister Lui Tuck Yew said the second phase of the city center line is about to be completed. Minister Lui commissioned the line up to two months ahead of schedule [more…]


Scary incident at the Bay Crossing Bridge

The frightening event in the Bay Crossing Bridge: While the works on the Gulf Crossing Bridge were continuing rapidly, it was revealed that the ships passing through the region damaged the bridge decks. Installation of 11 decks placed on the North road of the bridge, planning [more…]

Intercity Railways

Pamukova Train Crash 11. Anniversary

Pamukova Train Accident 11. Anniversary: ​​The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) stated that the railways have declined compared to the Republican period during the AKP rule, and that the AKP government has been the leader of the policies favoring the highways since 1950 and [more…]


EUROTEM to Sakarya 2. setting up the factory

XTUMX to EUROTEM Sakarya. factory: Hundai EUROTEM Factory General Manager Jeong-Honn Kim, Sakarya will establish the second 2 thousand square meter factory said they are continuing to allocate space for the factory. Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki [more…]