Pamukova Train Crash 11. Anniversary

Pamukova Train Crash 11. Anniversary: ​​The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) claimed that in the AK Party government, the railroads have declined compared to the Republican period and that the AKP government is the sustainer of the policies in favor of the highways since 1950.

The death of the MMO 41 citizen made a written statement for the 81 anniversary of the Pamukova an accelerated train yar accident, which resulted in the injury of the 11 citizen. In the prepared transport and railway reports, 41 of the conventional lines of the railways and 38 of the total railways were made before the Republic, stating that lar 1923-1950 is the average of 172-1950, which is very limited in the year. 195 after the country's economic opportunities have expanded a lot of average XNUMX km rail a year was built '' the statement said.


The statement made by the MMO, starting from the 1950 indicating that the railways road transport policies pushed heavily in favor of secondary importance, "In the 1950 42.2 percent in passenger rail transportation rates, freight rates were 55.1 percent. Today, railway transportation has declined to 1.1 on passenger and 4.6 on freight. Since the 1950, the AKP government has been the sustainer of the policies that favor the highways, and the railways have continued to decline. The Republic of Turkey railways also reflected in the statistics for the year 2000 2.2 percent while the rate on railway transport of passengers decreased year 2014 1.1 percent to. 2000 5.3 2012 XnumX 4.6'de load on the 86.7'de regressed. Road transport is the 89.8 percent from the same period rose to load the 95.9 percent, while airline passengers declined from 89.8 XNUMX percent percent due to improvements in transportation, '' he said.


The statement, Turkey's Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport reminded that 1 May 2013 enter into force on the following was recorded:

"The AKP government with the period of EU cohesion grounds, railway services have been restructured in line with the principles of competitive, market liberalization has been opened. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Property to be configured as the railway infrastructure operator General Directorate of TCDD Transport Inc. name with railway train Liberalization of Turkey Railway Transportation for a company to be established will be the operator of the Law on 01 May 2013 entered into force, train operations have been opened to the private sector. TCDD General Directorate of Railway Transport Inc. Restructuring and Turkey as a whole with the Law on the Establishment pros and cons located 159 railway TCDD final liquidation of the annual gains were realized. The law provides for detailed arrangements on the sale of immovables, privatizations and railway workers. TCDD broken down into companies, public services were mainly a model that considers the need to replace the free market approach, were sold TCDD real property; employees are subject to precarious forms of work. After the commercialization of railway land and air and a huge blow with the opening of the market based on the public's right of access to public services cheaper and has been downloaded

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  1. The MMO has tried to distort the "Liberalization of the Railways". Their claims are completely false. Even the opposition parties do not make these claims. So the MMO should explain to whom it serves in opposition to the power (and therefore the innovations for the better). ?