54 Argentina

Argentina gets its first train

Argentina got its first train: Florencio Randazzo, Argentina's minister of domestic transport, visited the port of Buenos Aires to inspect the first of the diesel trains to be purchased from CNR Tianjin. It was announced by the Argentine minister that 3 trains with 27 wagons ordered from the Chinese company CNR Tianjin will be delivered within 45 days at regular intervals. Minister Randazzo said in his statement that the scope of the project is only [more…]

225 Ivory Coast

Agreement reached for Abidjan subway

An agreement has been reached for Abidjan metro: The first line of Abidjan metro was signed on Monday, July 6th. The project will be implemented with the partnership of French and Korean companies. The percentage share of the partnership will be Hyundai Rotem (33%), Bouygues Subsidiaries DTP Terrassement and Bouygues Travaux Publics (33%), Keolis (25%) and Dongsan Engineering (9%). Hyundai Rotem from trains and signaling, Dongsan from electrification, DTP Terrassement [more…]


2011de Project Prepared The Basis of Kars Logistics Center Could Not Be Taken

The Foundation of Kars Logistics Center, whose project was prepared in 2011, could not be laid: The Logistics Center, whose first project was prepared in 2011 and whose foundations have not been laid in the course of time, continues to make the citizens uneasy. Completion of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Project in Kars, which migrates every year due to unemployment, and not taking any steps related to the Logistics Center in parallel with this. [more…]

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966 Saudi Arabia

Construction of the Riyadh subway started

The construction of the Riyadh metro has begun: Tunneling work has begun for the first line of the Riyadh metro. The work, which was started with the tunnel boring machines, is planned to be completed by the middle of 100 by advancing 2016 meters per week. The total cost of the construction of the first and second lines of the Riyadh metro is estimated to be 10 billion dollars. The BACS partnership, in which 4 companies are partners, won the tender. will carry out the work [more…]

212 Morocco

Casa balances off financial losses

Casa tram balanced its financial losses: Casa tram announced its 2014 report. The turnover of the company in 2014 was announced as 148,92 million dirhams. It was determined that the turnover increased by 6,55% compared to the previous year. In addition, as a result of the improvement in operating income, against 2013 million dirham loss in 2,16, 2014 million profit in 2,9 compared to the previous year's loss. [more…]

06 Ankara

The only competitor with THY coach is now competing with high-speed train

The bus operators, whose only rival is THY, now compete with the high-speed train: Bus operators, whose only rival is THY, now compete with the high-speed train. Mustafa Tekeli, Deputy Chairman of TOFED, who wants the competition conditions to be equal, said, “There is a price policy focused on SCT-free fuel for airlines and occupancy in railways. "We are facing unfair competition," he said. In addition to the airline, in recent years, it has also been by rail. [more…]

81 Japan

The number of security cameras on Japanese high-speed trains will be increased

The number of security cameras will be increased on Japanese high-speed trains: Central Japan Railways (JR Tokai) has announced that it will increase the number of security cameras on N700 and N700A type high-speed trains. Tsuge Koei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JR Tokai, at the press conference held on the subject, the number of 50 security cameras currently installed on high-speed trains has been increased to 105 for the first time, and to 2016 by April 4, 136. [more…]


Africa recovers iron nets

Iron nets save Africa: Africa cannot make use of its underground resources adequately due to problems in transportation. Experts say that the railway will solve Africa's logistics problem. Copper, cobalt, zinc, silver, uranium… These mines are still sufficiently present in African countries such as Zambia or Congo. Apart from mines, there are enough agricultural products transported to neighboring countries or ports. A huge potential [more…]

Intercity Railways

1 injured in the crossing in Elazığ at level crossing

Accident at the level crossing in Elazig 1 injured: In Elazig, the tractor hit by the train at the level crossing was split into two, and 1 person was injured in the accident that occurred. According to the information obtained, the accident occurred at the level crossing of Çağlar village, which is connected to the center of Elazig. The freight train, of which HK was the mechanic, collided with the tractor with the plate 23 K 2085 used by Rıdvan Yılmaz at the level crossing. The impact of the collision split the tractor in two. [more…]


Level crossings prevent loss of life

Level crossings will prevent loss of life: It has been reported that a level crossing will be made at 4 different points in the Alaşehir district of Manisa. Mayor of Alaşehir Gökhan Karaçoban; As a result of the intense negotiations between Alaşehir Municipality and the 3rd Regional Directorate of State Railways, it was announced that it was decided to build a level crossing system in Gümüşçay, Yeniköy, Örnekköy and Piyadeler Districts of the district. As a result of the decisions taken by President Karaçoban, Ilgın Village [more…]


TCDD throws 44 thousand pounds in Osmaniye

TCDD threw 44 thousand liras away in Osmaniye: The 6th Regional Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) carried out the rubber (rubber) coating work at the level crossing of 3 railway tracks in the Osmaniye city center in the direction of Toprakkale-Fevzipaşa, 3 months later the road. Although it is known that renovation work will be done, 29 thousand lira and one level crossing concrete channel work is 15. [more…]

01 Adana

Adana metro is in progress, construction of stadium is rapidly progressing

Adana metro is in place, stadium construction is progressing rapidly: Koza Arena Stadium construction continues rapidly. The stands are rising, but the transportation problem is not solved. It is planned to provide transportation to the stadium by metro to a large extent, but there is no development regarding the second phase of the metro. It is thought that the stadium will reach the 2016-2017 season. But the fact that the metro does not go to the stadium already makes the people of Adana think. THE FUTURE [more…]

06 Ankara

Bozankaya 2015 Wins European Company of the Year Award

Bozankaya Won 2015 Company of the Year Award in Europe: Frost & Sullivan, Bozankayarewarded its success in rail systems and trambus production. Bozankayawas selected as the company of the year in Europe as the domestic E-bus and the first domestic Trambus manufacturer in Turkey. LONDON – In line with the latest market analyzes for rail systems and trambus production in public transport Bozankaya Inc., the world [more…]


175 million tl credit for Tekkeköy light rail system

175 million TL loan for Tekkeköy light rail system: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council unanimously referred to the commission the matter of granting the right to use the 175 million TL loan to be taken from Iller Bank to be used in Tekkeköy light rail system line, to Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council's first session of the 14th meeting of July is today. [more…]