Kocaeli Silkworm Counts the Day for the Tram

Kocaeli Silkworm is counting the day for the tram: Bursa, one of the 6 cities in the world with tram production, aims to download the Silkworm to Kocaeli streets in the near future.

While Bursa is one of the 6 cities in the world that produces tram, İpekböceği proudly represented itself among the subway wagons and trams of world giant companies in the fairs it participated. The first good news for the recently described two-way tram came from Kocaeli. 19 million 740 thousand Euro bid for the tram tender of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlarwon the two - way Silkworm produced.

Olay Newspaper Ahmet Emin YılmazAccording to the column of '; The deliveries of 12 Silkworm trams to be produced for Kocaeli will begin 12 months after the contract date and will be fully delivered in 18 months. After the streets of Bursa, the Silkworm trams, which are the pride of Bursa, will start to wander in Kocaeli streets. Stating that silkworm has spread everywhere, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Silkworm trams will be circulating in Anatolian cities soon. But our target is Europe. Bursa will be a city that also exports trams to European cities. Navigating the pride of Bursa in Turkey in Bursa tram rails. We manufacture the best brand and we manufacture the best cars. It was seen in Kocaeli that it is not possible for other companies to get the price of the Bursa tram, ”he said.

Stating that the table of pride is for Bursa Durmazlar Machine Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz said, “We entered the tram production for Bursa. Therefore, this pride belongs to Bursa. The two-way Silkworm tram, which we exhibited at the InnoTrans rail systems fair in Berlin last year, will begin to carry passengers on Kocaeli streets next year. We Durmazlar We are ready for production. We produce trams in European standards. Our production quality and the aesthetics of our trams are our privilege. Now it is time to produce trams for Anatolia. Europe will follow. Our targets, our dreams too big, we produce for Turkey. When the rail system vehicle is taken from outside, the currency is sent. Therefore, domestic production should be supported ”he said.

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